Seungjun Fancafe Letter 160918

Hello it’s been a while right?! It’s Seungjun-ie

Wah!! It’s already been 200 days with KNK and Tinkerbells!!!

Today we finished our Sapporo performance! And I just washed up and I’m laying down in bed! 200 days… It feels like time has gone by so fast.

It feels like only yesterday when “the stage was jumping” (KNOCK lyrics)

I’m so happy that I met my happiness, my tinkerbells heheheh

For these 200days thanks a lot for supporting us and giving us strength, I mean it

To be honest I don’t wear cologne because it gives me a headache

But I really!!!!

I really only wear cologne when I’m meeting with Tinkerbells, I’m not lying!!!

If i’m not meeting Tinkerbells I won’t wear it!!

Just like that when I’m meeting you, I’m all nervous and i want you guys to see me as handsome and pretty.

When I go to Shinsadong Karosu Road (popular spot almost young people), even then I dress bad I just dress in whatever I see first and go, because that’s my style

But at the airport.. when I go to see Tinkerbells like at fansigns, stages or at events

I even worry about things like my bracelets matching but it’s really hard..?

But I think I’ve improved since the beginning right?

Seungjun-ie clothes himself more like a human in just 200 days..

I don’t know why I started talking like this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

but I’m telling you how precious of an existence Tinkerbells are to me

I’m really thankful, i mean it

And because the KNOCK hiatus was so short, this hiatus must feel really long!!!!

We are working hard preparing and will be back before it’s too cold, so please wait just a little bit *^^*

Over these 200 days with Tinkerbells I have made a lot of memories

If it’s really only been 200 days, Tinkerbell and us too, we are just babies (baby noises)

We have so so many more days in the future >_<

We will work even harder for our promotions and will gift Tinkerbells with pretty colors with a pretty magic wand(?)

Please just wait a little more

Thanks a lot and I love you

Since you’re all my really precious people don’t get sick!!!

Thanks for the 200 days❤️

Translated by fy-knk