karos region

?Rook Has Questions #7?


Alright! I’m sure we’re all aware of the new pokemon leaked today, but if not, here’s the page.

So we’ve got 4 leaked pokemon. One looks like the standard normal/flying you have in every region. Kinda hoping it evolves into something more exciting. Then there’s this fighting panda guy. I see a lot of potential in that one. Okay, so the lizard is electric/normal which is interesting and it is said to soak up sun rays to damage opponents and replenish its own health. That sounds like a potential threat right there.

Then there’s Gogoat. How could you not love it with a name like Gogoat, that is the greatest thing ever. Grass type, wondering if it evolves into a grass/ground? Maybe no evo. BUT YOU CAN FUCKING RIDE IT. HOW GREAT IS THAT? I just really hope they aren’t only using this pokemon for the gimmick and have it suck or that be the only pokemon to ride.

In additional news, official character art~

I like them. I can tell this whole thing is based on Europe, (France specifically) and I can say they did a pretty good job. It looks like they are somewhat customizable with hair and skin color, but that’s about it. Also, that may or may not be our sassy blonde rival on the right page.

Well, what do you guys thing of the new pokemon? How about the playable characters? You guys digging the Karos Region?