we are the way to a new world - a karolina/xavin fanmix
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true colors - studio killers // one sweet love - sara bareilles // love like we do - edie brickell & the new bohemians // small grey rain - ralph covert // colors - grace potter & the nocturnals // if you should try to kiss her - dressy bessy // lucy in the sky with diamonds - the beatles // beloved wife - natalie merchant // this ain’t goodbye - train

Title: Don’t Talk To Strangers
Fandom: Young Avengers, Runaways
Pairings: KarolinaXavin, TeddyBilly eventually, TommyKate

…unless they follow you on twitter.

Social Media AU. Cosplay, nerds, conventions, and a Scarlet Witch cosplayer in a speedo

Someone asked for a Social Media BillyTeddy AU ages ago. Here’s the first bit of it. It’s almost entirely writtem, but the social media edit things take forever, so I wanted to post it in three bits.


for @lgbtincomics​’ Pride Month Challenge

☆   Week 2: #2 an underappreciated couple

I’m sure some people would be more comfortable if Karolina liked males. But I am not like everyone else and that means you may have to learn to accept something new and different, as my betrothed already has. - Xavin of Tarnax VII