karolina smolyar

I’m gonna need to learn how to make high res links cuz sizing this down for tumblr killed me. 

Anyhow, my contribution to Sailor Moon Crystal <3 I missed a few details, but I’m too tired to go back and fix them. Sailor Moon was my hero as a little girl, and I’m glad the series got a reboot c: 

Also my first digital work in a long time. I’m very pleased with how this came out and I hope you guys like it!

This is actually one half of a graphic, featuring a character of mine named Jane Johnson. So, I think I will hold back on a few details until the second half of the picture is done. Sorry about the lack of activity, I’m slowly aiming on posting artwork on the weekends, or sometimes Mondays.

Interested in a character bust like this? Commission me today for a character bust, only $10.00 USD (Paypal only). For more information, email me at RockinRussian555@gmail.com