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I’ve been thinking about A Major Life all day! And I had a lot of fun watching the Jays game with the whole fic in mind. And I really REALLY wanted to draw him in the lion whiskers face paint because that is the most adorable idea ever. Love your fic so much Edin!

Cee this is the most stinkin adorable thing ever!!! 😍😍😍
BTS reaction to his child jumping on his stomach waking him up on a Saturday morning


He would start smiling like crazy and wake up to play

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At first he would be a little annoyed to be woken up at 8am on a Saturday morning but when he saw your child on top of him he would burst into a smile

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(This is my fav gif of Yoongi ever i stg)


“What are you doing?” He would say while laughing and cupping your child´s face in his hands

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It would take him a while for him to realize what was going on but once he saw the little thing jumping up and down he would become so happy and start tickling her/him

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He would be so soft!!! He wouldn’t stop laughing

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He would be like a little baby himself and remove your child gently away from his stomach because it was hurting him

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He would be so shocked and wonder what the hell was going on. When he noticed your child a grin would form on his face

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You're Only as Old as You Feel

So a while ago I received a prompt asking for another smut fic because you guys seemed to really enjoy the first one. However, I accidentally deleted the message (my bad). I also received a verbal request from a friend at school to write either smut, family moments, or both, so I took both!

Now I hesitated with posting this because of the presence of children in the beginning (certainly not during the frickity frack), but I am pretty proud with this story. 

Warning: Contains sexual content.

Summary: It’s Kristoff’s 38th birthday, and he’s feeling really old. However, Anna shows him that he is anything but in her own ‘special’ way.

rated Mature

  Why is it that the older you get, the less you enjoy birthdays? Children adore that one day where they are the center of attention, piles of presents with their name on it- giddy that they are one step closer to becoming a ‘grown-up’.

  Then when you’re finally there, birthdays are just a reminder that you wake up sore and when you get up in the morning, your bones sound like a chorus of ice being harvested- crackles and pops.

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