karol manko


A alumni came to my school last year and she became a poet. Her writing is amazing and so is she. She renewed my interest in poetry and writing. I’ve started writing again because she inspired me to do so. I was talking to her one night on my other tumblr (alwaysonenightaway.tumblr.com) and she told me to just write how I want to and ignore everyone else's opinions. She told me to write what I want to, not what others want me to. She taught me the best thing for poetry is it to be read aloud. 

I now write how I want to, how I want to express myself. I now write not to impress someone else, but to get stuff out of my system. 

Even my most depressing work, I now hand into my teacher because of what she told me. And I must say I think it is my best work so far. 

She is someone who truly inspires me.

Her name is Karolina(Karol) Manko (astronautssleepinspace.tumblr.com) and if you haven’t heard of her, you should look at her stuff its pretty amazing. And maybe she’ll inspire someone else, just as she did for me. 

I am doing more stuff that involves writing now and I doubt she will she this, but(if you do I hope you don’t think I’m a creep) thank you for renewing my interest in writing.