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Hi I'm new to the fairy tail fandom and I was wondering if you have any good fairy tail blogs to follow?

hello and welcome to the fairy tail fandom! we’re a big family, which means there’s a lot of great content that may or may not take over your entire life

first things first, we have such talented people that post the best ftgraphics out there and we are blessed to have them with us! these graphic makers include

@acnologias-ass, @angrycucco, @ayumichi-me, @blazexkeys, @bludy-chu, @ccrispy, @constellunaa, @fadingsoulss, @fairyheart, @fairymadoshi, @gajeely, @hymad, @karasufairy, @karokitten-chan, @keiid, @laharts, @leons-7, @lucy-ft, @miroo8, @namiiswan, @phoenixx305, @seiikas, @shadoouge, @taleen777, @tartatail, @wendychuu, and @zelkam

then there are the lovely fanfic authors which are secretly my favorite people, I’m not biased I swear and they devote so much of their time to our favorite ships, it’s unreal. these authors include

@amehanaaa, @chikach00, @doublepasse, @epeolatryx, @ff-darkshininglight, @lonestorm, @magerain, @mushi0131, @nothingbutwordsstuff, @papalogia, @phantompierce-okamoto, @rivendell101, @siriusly-random, @solidscriptjess, @soprana-snap, @stopnatsu, @thefairywrites, @unashamed-shipper, @x-benihime, and @zerooff

and finally, we have the all-around fun fairy tail blogs that decorate our dashes with our favorite characters! these blogs are the best to look through if you’re in the fairy tail mood. these blogs include 

@celestial–aphrodite, @dragneelmedown, @enicuna, @fairytailconfess, @fairy-couples, @fairyghibli, @fairytailreactions, @ft-positivity, @gajeelsenpai, @hadatita, @loveandlucky, @iluvfairytail, @itschildofthefairies, @miss-zei, @mrsallsunday, @totallycorrectfairytailquotes, @shizutans, @summylise, @the-archangel-of-zeref, @ultear, @waterlocks, @wendiuh, and @x792s

as you can see, there’s a lot of us! but lucky for you, we’re a big family that welcomes you with open arms~ I hope you enjoy your time with us! 

anyone is more than welcome to reblog and add their own favorite fairy tail blogs!

wow, so the time has come! I’ve always wanted to make a follow forever, so now that I’ve hit 1000 follows and it’s almost my third year anniversary here, I figured it’s perfect timing to give shoutouts to all of these great people!

thank you to everyone that has followed me and occasionally supported my silly stories thus far! and of course, thanks for making Tumblr a place that has made me feel like home <3 here’s to more years laughing at memes and crying over anime together! 

bold – friends!
italicized – blogs that I admire

a - h

@acnologias-ass@aeselyn | @anyharu | @bloopla | @cathykayy | @constellunaa |@chloeeescissorhands@chikkachu | @clefeah | @damnitbrennan | @demi-mage|@dickenstrips | @doublepasse | @dragneelmedown | @eijjirou | @emis | @enicuna|@etheriousfairy | @fairyghibli| @ff-darkshininglight|@fornhaus| @gajeely @hadatita@halseyheartfilia | @haruuka | @heir-of-dragons | @heroes-need-monsters | @hopelesshazael-xvx | @hushfi |@h2jo 

j - r

@jellybeanbubbles12|@karasufairy | @karokitten-chan | @kawaiichoc | @ladysnausages | @lastroseofspring | @lesbiantitan | @leashykitty-chan | @leons-7 |@lilactum | @lonestorm| @lushinaa | @malorie-san | @mightystormstirr | @mitchimisa | @mrsallsunday | @mushi0131 | @nalupancake | @nationalcarmen|@natsuh|  @natsv |@nerdyhoney | @nikiforov-yuuri | @nothingbutwordsstuff | @papalogia|@phantompierce-okamoto|@qi-fang| @rivendell101 |@rojin | @rvkiakuchiki 

s - z

@sakura-petal91 | @shadoouge|@shizutans |@silver-eyes13  | @sincerely-ramina | @siriusly-random|@stopnatsu |  @summylise | @tartatail | @tcrtarus | @teacuq | @thewardencomander | @tinyflop |  @trying2makeapoint | @tsukkikoi | @ultear | @unashamed-shipper | @undinefin | @wahsabi | @waterlocks |@wendiuh|@x792s | @yearoftheklance | @yuus| @zuura


Meme Levy! I lovee Levy soo much!~~ <3

 I was trying to steal the style of four talented person
Blanania Rboz LeonS Karokitten-chan and my style which in itself is a copy of the Mashima style xD

Sorry girls for the destruction your beautiful Styles…forgive me…

Now I will steal your style Buahahaha!! >D

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Do you have any favorite artist blogs? Popular and non popular?

I have a ton of favorite artists on here :) I’m going to include artists that used to or currently post art from the fandoms I’m in as well as freelance artists I like; also, I’m very forgetful so I might leave a few out!


@hokorinn @hymad @lapoin @laharts @shadoouge @ccrispy @spimpa @qwerty-top @warb1rd @lolohime @ayumichi-me @brolinfinity @chengggg @dudakka @karokitten-chan @ask-nalu-now @bringonthedork @cocassion @semi-o @a-k-u-m-a-se @softestsigh @seulil @nalaluna @nalu-natic @ililiaane @fainttwinkling @sorcerer-weekly @nanakoblaze @aquamilah @mslead @nadhie @keiid @shandisworld @leons-7 @arisa-o1 @ladygt @yuuba @miroo8 @rboz @zippi44 @approvesport @koromechan @etheriousfairy @luciasatalina @tsademcxo @bludy-chu @ksmile1313 @aethirium @acnologias-ass @oldfriend7876 @geghanush @likubears @giushia @ledymccormick @eyeldragneel @smaliorsha @arikafd @viconbekon @buberryz @chiire @zeraheart @yaushie @aramss @secondaryred

BNHA (fairly new to this fandom so I don’t know very many)

@taichichuwhat @neek0 @istehlurvz @ask-protoheroes @keirookie @cosmic-hoodie (like.. freaking love their art) @ariadusts

NARUTO (also new to this… oddly enough…)


OTHER ARTISTS I JUST LIKE (I am getting progressively lazier)

@cookiecreation @marceline2174 @paexie @nesskain @rossdraws @loish @deadcayot3 @kelseybeckett @meabhd @magdalina-dianova


FOLLOW FOREVER!I can’t believe I got 400+ followers so effing fast!! Thank you so much for such love & appreciation! It means a lot to me!

@xxgajevyloverxx @an-eternal-adventure-fairy-tail @doublepasse @anyharu @nanashiart @yaraftwizard @nehakundu @tamako-dango @crimsonindex @ayumichi-me @fairytail-is-life


A - N @aizawashoutta @ayumichi-me @aeselyn @arikafd @al-lium @avnai
@cocassion @charuzu2712 @chaosophia218 @doublepasse @dragnoots @elliejoys @elieglory3173 @fairytail-is-life @giushia @geghanush @galaxia-blade @hanae-ichihara @hirata-s @hinamiblr @hikaritsu @hitsougaya @izami-haru @illustraice @iluvfairytail @js-doodles @kuvshinov-ilya @kkumri @karokitten-chan @keiid @kiethlydrawss

L - P - @leons-7 @ladygt @lucy-ft @lucymadoschi @luckybachi @lucy-heartflawless @ladygt @lolohime @loveandlucky @laharts @miroo8 @missyplatinum @mirajanedreyarxever @modestrogue @mavischuu @nanakoblaze @nanashiart @namikazes @nalu-is-canon @nkim-doodles @nehakundu @neverenoughnalu @nerdy-otaku @nikiforov-yuuri @ootsukis @oldfriend7876 @ponchizs @pennytf

Q - Z @rboz @rchella @rieriebee @renadragneel @shizukku @shandisworld @snogfairy @semi-o @setharia @skay @shinonstail @smaliorsha @tartatail @taleen777 @tobigifs @tachibana–chan @unisonraidd @unashamed-shipper @vvictor @weirdolucy @wendychuu @xxgajevyloverxx @xternel @yonkouproductions @yaraftwizard @yerawizardberi @zelkam @zippi44

Thank u so much everyone for such love! Love u all!!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you advise some good FT artists in your opinion?

Hello, sweetie! Oh, yes, of course! They are so many~
@chychymazzu has amazing and cute drawings, so check her out!
@elviradreaminess ’s art is worth to see, cuz, god, they are fantastic! I adore her so much, so check her out too!~
@wendychuu ‘s art is also good! Her improving is amazing~
@lightalchemistfp-art I like her coloring style and arts!
@chengggg-at-work‘s art is something! Cute art style, which I liked from the first sight!
@fainttwinkling‘s art is awesome god, I love it!
@devil-wen‘s arts are goals~
@spriggan-tail‘s comics are hillarious, they make my day xD
@yuuba‘s art style is very fluffy and her arts themselves are very beautiful! Check her out too!
@keith-al‘s edits are cool ones! 
@ledymccormick‘s art is stunning..I don’t regret following her.
also wanna mention @feliadraws ‘s artwork is worth to follow too!
These are famous artists in the fandom, who you, maybe know or heard of them:
@rboz, @leons-7, @miroo8, @zippi44 @lapoin @karokitten-chan, @acnologias-ass, @oldfriend7876, @sabizac, @zelkams-art, @shandisworld, @semi-o, @keiid, @ayumichi-me, @giushia, @ccrispy, @arikafd, @charuzu2712, @sorcerer-weekly, @zeraheart, @momo-tari, and of course @geghanush (who I adore very much!)who I adore and love very much)! 
They are all fantastic artists and I hope to be noticed by them someday~
Sorry, if I missed anyone, you are free to add, if missed.

Thank you for asking!

REC LIST: FT-related Blogs 2.0!

The new year has just arrived…and, along with it, this new and updated list of recommended FT-related blogs for anyone here who’s new to the Fairy Tail fandom!

A few notes:

  • As with the previous rec list, this list was composed by myself. It consists of the many blogs that I have looked through around here, using the “Fairy Tail” tag (and other tags related to it), for the past couple of years.    
  • Also, this rec list consists of blogs that have previously posted FT-related content, and blogs that are still posting FT-related content up to the date this was posted.    
    • As a result, certain blogs may not be confined to the FT fandom, anymore (or, they have become multi-fandom, in some cases)—but, they are still listed below, since these blogs have posted FT-related content before.
  • Some of the blogs in this list may contain spoilers, and/or content that is NSFW. To those who are squeamish of either one (or both)—be advised! 
  • Finally, to make it more organized, and easier to update, this list is sorted in the alphabetical order. 

So, without further ado, here’s the list of recommended FT-related blogs to follow!

A to C

@acnologias-ass - @aeselyn - @al-lium - @aloosh-s - @amaranth121 - @amehanaaa - @angrycucco - @ann-kouhai - @animoozies - @approvesport - @arikafd - @arisa-o1 - @artsy-alice - @arya-aiedail - @asketchbookthing - @aya-eisen - @ayumichi-me - @beaglecakes - @becausewhenyoupracticeyouimprove - @bianww - @blamedorange - @blanania - @blazexkeys - @bloodredruby - @bludy-chu - @blueironlily - @bonneyq - @brolinfinity - @buberryz - @capaleran2 - @carishinlove - @ccrispy - @cdart-carmendaniele - @chalcedonydraws - @charswarrenxo - @charuzu2712 - @chello8893 - @chengggg - @chesxca-c - @chiire - @chikach00 - @chikaede - @chootim - @chsabina - @cocassion - @cocobite - @constellunaa

D to F

@d-eliade - @damasath-art - @dariuna - @darth–brick - @deeteagirl - @devilishmirajane - @doginshoe - @dooshiedoosh - @doublepasse - @dragneelmedown - @dragnoots - @dudakka - @elviradreaminess - @emmys-sketchbook - @en-cher-blue - @epeolatryx - @eqqlo - @erzawesome - @eriboook - @eruzayne - @esthellar - @faeriesylph - @fainttwinkling - @fairytailsanddragonscales - @fairytailwitch - @fatedsong - @ferbooche - @ff-darkshininglight - @flamedork - @frannie2199 - @frogbearboo - @frosthsea

G to I

@gajeelsenpai - @gajeely - @geghanush - @ghostdesires - @giupear - @giushia - @grayinblack-art - @gundammeisterlyra - @hannah-nobody - @hikaritsu - @himurarei - @hirata-s - @honeyteacake - @hymad - @ieyasus - @illustraice - @iluvfairytail - @inksterlol - @inspired-destiny - @iwishiwasinfairytail - @itschildofthefairies - @itshiblog

J to L

@jadeoccelot - @jayniebear321 - @jirochan - @js-doodles - @juvialicious - @jxlight - @kagomenesan - @kanaehitomi - @kanarenee - @karokitten-chan - @keiid - @kenjocatze - @khaoticvex - @ki-nyong - @kipio - @kiss-me-khaos - @kissedbyiron - @kittyarts - @kkumri - @kristallin-f - @ladygt - @laharts - @lapoin - @laurentarzan - @leons-7 - @levycchi - @lezith - @lightalchemistfp-art - @liku-bears - @lissomeaid - @littlefairylevy - @locksters - @lolohime - @lonestorm - @love-n-lucky - @loveandlucky - @luciasatalina - @luckybachi - @lucy-ft - @lulu2222 - @lushinaa

M to O

@m-d-tr1 - @magerain - @mags-duranb - @maneaoana - @mangaguitar96 - @margherine - @meeredy - @melllllly - @micchiyume - @mirajanestrauss - @mirajens - @miss-fairy-tale - @miss-zei - @missnoirr - @missyplatinum - @momo-tari - @monoghost - @mrseucliffex - @mslead - @msktk - @mushi0131 - @n-a-d-h-i-e - @nalu-natic - @nalufever - @naluista - @nalutbh - @nanakoblaze - @nanashiart - @natsu-dorkneel - @natsv - @neato-ft - @neen-writes - @nicole4211 - @nie-ct - @nishi06 - @niue7 - @nsh92 - @ohmynatsu - @ooiikawas - @ootsukis - @ottotatertots - @oraclesoul

P to R

@papalogia - @pbbmk - @peoniespoppiesandowlsohmy - @phantombones - @phoenixx305 - @pinkhinori - @piranha-pk - @pocketwoman7 - @ponchizs - @poopblossom - @proudtobeaginger - @rainladyjuvia - @raezora - @rboz - @rchella - @rieriebee - @rivendell101

S to U

@s-a-r-a-r-a - @s-h-i-i-n-a - @sabizac - @samiichan - @sarapyon - @sarikos - @sassylin - @sayenisaperv - @secondorigin - @seiikas - @seiilah - @selenba - @semi-o - @seulil - @shadoouge - @shandisworld - @shiiemis - @shirookita - @siil-mallit - @silenced-desires - @sinnerela - @sirdragneel - @skullnar - @smaliorsha - @snogfairy - @snowmadien - @soprana-snap - @sorcerer-weekly - @spikerr - @spriggan-tail - @squisherific - @stephicool - @swordbreaker - @taleen777 - @tappity-tap - @tartatail - @thatartcorner - @the-archangel-of-zeref - @thecyberzombieart - @thefairywrites - @todorokii - @toxineena - @tsunderegirl13 - @tweekay - @umjustkatie - @unashamed-shipper - @unisonraidd

V to X

@vhazzrhossze - @viki-j-chan - @wendychuu - @whitedovehemlock - @whitefoxie - @whitemoonx9x - @wildrhov - @wombywoo - @writingissues - @x-benihime - @xdrawings-x - @xmelonhippo - @xternel

Y to Z

@yaushie - @yoriru - @youaintgotthefunk - @yukipandalove - @yuuba - @zakfair - @zerooff - @zippi44

If you have any comments, suggestions, or concerns…let me know—and I’ll make the changes to this list!

I have so many wonderful friends I’ve made through Tumblr and my best friend! I love you all so much! I can’t thank you all enough! And I know there is so many more!

@arikafd, @ayumichi-me, @keiid, @giushia, @ccrispy, @xabsolutelyafangirlx, @proudtobeaginger, @andykayudha, @illustraice, @inspiratedd, @karokitten-chan, @kaggermite, @cocassion, @s-a-r-a-r-a, @shadoouge, @elieglory3173, @chychymazzu, @zelkam, @buberryz, @taleen777, @xxgajevyloverxx, @geghanush, @bunnyhoplollipop, @georgiepuff, @creativeblaze

And to my best friend, I’ve had you in life for some long I dont know where i would be without you. Seriously! @im-so-done318-blog

I love you all so much!! 💕💕💕

yuki101shonada  asked:

Hello, do you have a list of artists who does fairy tail art of nalu, lolu or any other ? A List would be ideal, including the artists who creates doujins? I'm getting back into the fandom after I left, months. If you know any of them, I'll check them all out, thank you

hmmmmmm…. I know about a little xD

I will try to remember it
Here it is tho:

@anush-arts @leons-7 @kagomenesan @karoart @karokitten-chan @s-a-r-a-r-a @shandisworld @shadoouge @sabizac @zeraheart @naby-chan @giushia @rchella @zippi44 @koromechan @charuzu2712 @arikafd @ccrispy @constellunaa @elviradreaminess

I don’t know about the others tho XD

But you guys can add though! :))))))

In the past I haven’t really drawn anything for anyone on their bday because I was too lazy or didn’t have any time or I didn’t know the person very well…but!! That is so gonna change now since I’ve gotten closer to so many awesome, amazing, sweet, and funny artists&pple goshh love them <333

So karokitten-chan this is for you dear!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KSKAJKDLJSKLJDKLALDJS!!!

Lucy managed to save some of the cake she made for you hahahahaha

How I got into Fairy Tail

Thank you my friend @unashamed-shipper​  for tagging me 

Okay this will be long… or not.

Back on I-don’t-know-what-year-that-was (lol), I was searching for a romance anime in the anime websites and this “Fairy Tail” title catches my eye. It was its first episode back then. I thought it was like those “fairy tale love stories” and I clicked on it but it was loading at that time. The internet is so slow. I give up and I was like “meh… I’m gonna watch this one day tho”. And so I did. I watched it on Animax channel since it was always advertised by Animax. I started in just one episode where Lucy fighting Bixlow. Lucy summoning Loki blah blah. I find it interesting and I think I ship LoLu back then. I don’t even know what’s the meaning of a ship or shipping in the fandom at that time. lol And so… I continue watching it.

On a few weeks, my classmate and I were trading anime dvds. She also likes anime. She trade with me her Fairy Tail dvd and I trade with her my Uta no Prince-sama dvd. I got very excited because I got interested in Fairy Tail. And so… that dvd was started on Nirvana arc. I liked the story so far. And the NaLu? I started shipping NaLu when Virgo gave them matching clothes. Natsu thanked Lucy for saving him and Lucy blushes. Okay, my heart was screaming at that time. hahaha… When I finished Nirvana arc, I felt the suspense since that dvd was stop on Nirvana arc so I decided to watched it on Animax channel. I was lucky because they replay it on the first episode. I fell in love with NaLu more after that. I can’t stop smiling whenever I see them together. My heart is screaming. I saved every NaLu fanarts and moments in my phone and in my brother’s computer and I downloaded every episodes of Fairy Tail so I can watch it everyday or whenever I like it. I also decided to read the manga. I remembered when I searched for NaLu fanarts, I just saw Graylu fanarts at that time. It was Milady’s drawings. They were look so real like I thought the scenes were in anime. I was sad at that time since I thought it was real but felt happy when I found out it was just a fanmade. lol

I also draw NaLu fanarts and decided to make an account on DA (since there are lot of NaLu fanarts there). It was my first art account (except my page on facebook lol). I was so lonely back there but I never stop drawing fanarts and doujins. My first NaLu doujins were “ I love you best friend!” and “Just a dream”. I never finish those doujins ‘cause I already drop them.  I don’t know how my drawings get noticed lol.  I don’t now but my life changed after that. I made a tumblr account because someone suggested it to me and so I did. I have many experiences when I join the fandom. There’s love, hate and everything.

Fairy Tail is the first shounen manga that I ever loved and updated so far. You don’t know how pretty excited I am (before lol) when the new chapter is out. I don;t know how many years I’ve been into Fairy Tail. hahaha Okay. ;-;
So Fairy Tail is going to an end this year. I will surely miss it, the characters and the moments of the manga. *cries* But even so, it will always has a very special place in my heart.

Okay. I will stop here before I talk nonsense things again. xD
So I tag @kagomenesan @geghanush @karokitten-chan @xabsolutelyafangirlx @rebelgirlmatrix1213 @sabizac @charuzu2712 @nie-ct