so, yeah, i did a little doodling last night.

ant-man: this is the scott lang iteration of the character. to be more specific, the commissioner asked for the “scott lang before he died, was resurrected (jean grey style), and joined the future foundation” iteration.

karnifex: this is the italian thing i mentioned a few days ago. i was told to incorporate an homage to the rubber man from season one of “american horror story”, a hint of russian gas mask, and a stylized skeleton motif. i’m kinda happy with the results.

metron: he’s my third-favorite new god, so getting a commission to doodle him is kinda cool, but drawing one of kirby’s “busy” costumes kinda sucks. i really need to clean up the line work when i ink.

silver surfer: yeah, it’s parker hurley as the silver surfer. and yeah, i’ve already drawn parker as aquaman and iron fist. and yeah, i just did a doodle of him as a rule 63 mohawk storm. but parker is a super-hero, so, you know, it’s okay for me to draw him as ALL the super-heroes.