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Wish a very Happy Birthday to my ultimate favorite seiyuu ever ,Be-sama 🎂🎉
Thank you so much for all of your awesome hard work 💖
This man is absolutely fantastic 💖

silver!Yogi laughing
Miyano Mamoru
silver!Yogi laughing

This time, the laughing was a bit hard to find since it was so short but it’s still amazing. I’m still hoping for a second season of the anime but thank goodness for the drama CDs… This one ends with Noilly’s sad backstory and Karoku comforting Nai. 

And of course I’m looking forward to the next drama CD in which there will be tragic Yogi backstory and silver!Yogi being emotional…

Compare this laughing to Rinoll arc (anime, drama cd). It is also necessary to link to Tsukiyama’s laughing because same VA and how Karneval and Tokyo Ghoul do share quite some similarities although silver!Yogi is more like white!Kaneki as of TG:re

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Karneval x Tokyo Ghoul parallels: 1/?

“But… if, for argument’s sake, you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it would certainly be… a tragedy.”

…more like Trauma Conga Line story consisting of

  • an innocent soul who gets experimented on and tortured to become a monster by an evil organisation
  • he gets defeated and captured by a glasses guy working for government organisation
  • brainwashed and becomes very cheerful while hiding many insecurities
  • the original personality surfaces once in a while to wreck shit