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Person A is a ghost who can’t remember anything about their life. All they know is that they feel oddly compelled to follow around this very sad person whose always crying and hugging old t-shirts at night. What they don’t know was that this person was their spouse. 

The Growing Library of My Karmy Fics [UPDATED]

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These ones are extra’s, one sentence requests from a little game I played:

Can We Pretend I Didn’t Just Say That

I’m Lost

Hey, have you seen the…? Oh.

How Long Do You Think We Can Keep Doing This?

There’s Something I’ve Been Meaning To Say

I do take prompts but they might take a while x


Cause you can hear in the silence
You can feel it on the way home
You can see it with the lights out
You’re in love, true love
You’re in love
-Taylor Swift, “You Are In Love”

Falling (Chapter 6)

saying i was busy would be a lie but school did start and i will be busy, so we’ll see where this story goes.

i’m really bad at this date stuff and tried getting ideas but none of them i liked, sooo yeah this chapter is kinda all over the place.

“Where are we going, weirdo?” Karma asked Amy.

“If i tell you, that would spoil everything. Now please, shut up. and I say that with so much love” Amy says.

Amy is so nervous for today. Today she plans to ask Karma out, for real. After the wedding, Amy was being more affectionate towards the auburn-haired girl, not hiding her feelings at all. Today was going to be a simple, but totally screams Karmy, kind of date.

They drove to nice park and sat under a tree with a blanket and everything.

“Thanks for coming with me today.” Amy said.

“no problem, i didn’t wanna go to school anyway”

They ate in a comfortable silence. After they were done, Amy stood up reaching her hand out to help Karma up.

“Come on, I want to show you something." 

Karma grabs Amy’s hand, pushing herself up, but even when she is standing on her own, she doesn’t let go.

They walk hand in hand towards wherever Amy is leading them.

They walked to the swings/playground.

"What are you, 6?” Karma chuckled.

“Oh don’t lie, I saw you staring at the playground since I drove in.” Amy retorts.

One swing opened up. The two girls looked at each other and Amy was the first to run towards the swing.

“AMY! GOD DAMN IT” Karma sprinted towards her and jumped on Amy’s back. They both end up falling in the sand. Amy turned herself around so she was laying on her back in the sand and Karma on top, almost straddling her. For a while, they just looked at each other, admiring each other’s beautiful eyes. Amy could’ve sworn Karma was leaning in when all of a sudden, Karma got up and ran towards the swing, kicking sand behind her.

“ugh Karmaaaa, you got sand in my hair” Amy whined.

“l win. You lose” Karma says with the biggest grin on her face. Amy couldn’t be mad.

They spent about 2 or 3 hours at the park, just being kids again and taking pictures together. After cleaning up their picnic area, they headed back home.

“Sooooo, What do you wanna do now? Go to the mall? Movies?” Karma asked as they drove home.

“Oh I’m not done.” Amy turns to look at Karma giving her a smirk before focusing on driving again.

“What do you mean you’re not done?”

“This whole day is planned. You don’t get a say in anything, sorry not sorry.” Karma couldn’t stop blushing even if she wanted to. 

“So then where are we going?”


“mmm, what kind of dessert are you thinking?” Karma says more seductively than she meant to.

“Just some ice cream you horndog.” Amy says, laughing at Karma.

After getting ice cream at the ice cream parlor by the beach, they decided to watch Captain America in theaters. This wasn’t on Amy’s plan but since she needed to stall as much time as possible, she didn’t complain. Throughout the whole movie, the were cuddled up together, taking up 3 seats by putting their feet up on the seat next to them. When Amy thought the movie was coming to an end soon, she tried to check her phone for the time, but Karma was completely on her giving her no space to move. Amy wasn’t complaining though. Once she finally got her phone out of her pocket, she quickly sent Shane a message saying they were coming out of the movie soon. Thank god Shane ships Karmy, I don’t think I would be able to pull this off.

When the came out of the movie, the sun was about to set.

“Lets walk on the beach.” Amy proposes (hehe get it? joookes).

“wow, cheesy.” Karma laughs, but reaches for Amy’s hand intertwining their fingers.

They walked on the beach, hand in hand, watching the sunset. They stop just seconds before the sun disappeared watching it fade to darkness. 

“Holy shit. Its actually really dark now” karma says, clinging onto Amy’s arm.

“Funny you should say that.” Amy says.

Karma looks at Amy with a confused look on her face when suddenly fireworks started going off right above them.

“WOAH WHAT THE SHIT?” Karma says over the loud popping.

Amy chuckles. They sit on the sand, watching the fireworks. The grand finale finally happened and the last firework was a big lop-sided red heart.

“wow, okay that last one was supposed to be a big heart but it looked like a circle.” Amy says, shaking her head. They got up, still hand in hand cause it was dark, and began walking towards some light.

“Wait, you set this up?” Karma asked.

Amy is beginning to get nervous for the second time today. All she could do was nod.

“Why did you do all this?” Karma asked. Amy was about to answer her, when Shane walked over to them giving Karma a folded piece of paper, gave Amy an encouraging smile, and walked away.

“Wait what the fuck, where did he come from?” Karma was beyond confused.

“Read it.” Amy says. She lets go of Karma’s hand, so the girl could use both hand to read the paper.

Hey there pretty,

Look up.

Karma looks up at where Amy was, but the blonde was no where to be seen.


“JUST CONTINUE READING” Amy screams from a far distance.

Why do you always listen to a sheet of paper, buttface.

Anyway, don’t worry I’m not far. I can still see you so I promise I won’t let you get mugged.

Lately, I’ve shown my affection towards you more now that you know about my feelings towards you. I’m not going to hide it.

Now. Follow Shane.

Karma looks up from the piece of paper, looking for Shane. She finds him standing a couple feet in front of her. She walks over to him and they link arms.

“Are you nervous?” Shane asks.

“Should I be?”

“Not. At. All.”

They walk on the lit side walk by the beach. After walking a couple feet, Shane stops in front of a beach house. He motions Karma to go inside.

She goes inside to find a rose pedal trail. She follows the trail until she finally finds Amy standing there surrounded by pictures of them, flowers, candles, etc. (such romantic)

“You took a long time to read such a little note ,huh” Amy says with a nervous laugh.

Karma stood frozen, not knowing what to say or do. Amy steps forward and grabs both of Karma’s hand.

“I’m not going to hide anymore. I know you feel the same way, even if its just a little bit. I can feel it.”


“Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me you don’t want to hold my hand all the time, or kiss me whenever you want. Tell me you don’t want to spend the rest of your life with me. Tell me you don't love me…and I’ll never try to pursue you again. I’ll put everything behind me. My feelings, today, everything. And we’ll just be friends.”

“I don’t…”


And Amy never tried again.

High School AU Pairings

The Quiet Nerd x The School’s Badass

The Cheerleader x The Jock

The Teacher x The Student

The Bully x The Victim 

The Math Geek x The Artist 

The Class President x The Vice President

The New Kid x The Popular Kid

The Lead in the School Play x The Member of the Play’s Production Crew

The Track Star x The Computer Whizz

The Slacker x The Perfectionist 

anonymous asked:

could you write a story where karma is together with liam and amy becomes kind of a badass with an motorbike for example? :D and then karma gets feelings for amy and breaks up with liam so they can be together

this is very weird and a tad unrealistic but hey Karmy <3

Karma saw Liam across the parking lot and immediately smiled to herself, today it had officially been a month that they had been dating. She watched him laughing and joking around with Shane and couldn’t help think how lucky she was to have him. Without even checking to make sure no cars were coming in she began to skip across the parking lot to him not even noticing the roaring sound of a motorbike approaching fast. 

“Liam” she called out but her voice was drowned out by the roar of the motorbike, glancing over her shoulder she saw the black Ducati coming towards her at rapid speed, her eyes widening she threw herself out of the way towards Liam as the bike sped past her and screeched into an empty lot.

“Are you okay?” Liam asked frowning in concern as Karma stared with wide eyes over at the person who had almost killed her.

“Fine” Karma said her eyes not moving off the person as they got off the bike and started to take their helmet off.

“Who is that?” Karma asked frowning “Is there a new kid?”

“No” Shane replied a smirk on his face as he too stared at the girl who had just pulled her helmet off her long dark hair falling down her back.

“That’s Amy” 

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