karmy fanfiction


Chapter Title: Plans.
Pairing: Karma/Amy. 
Rating: Mature. 
Word Count: 2,500 words. 
Notes: AU (ish). Follows canon, but changes some elements for the sake of the story. Takes place in a S4-type timeline. I’ve wanted to write this for a really long time, and I finally had the opportunity to do it. I could say more, but it would spoil the fun! All will become clear. Each chapter is a look into a brief but important moment in Karma and Amy’s experience. They’re inspired by this list of prompts integrated somewhere in the dialogue. It was a fun challenge to work with these and within a smaller word limit. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it. Written for and prompts chosen by @spasticandviolent. Chapter prompt: “We’ll figure it out.”  Title from the Radiohead song of the same name.
Summary: Following a whirlwind summer romance, Karma and Amy return to Hester for their final year of high school. Wanting to keep protect their new relationship, they decide to keep it a secret from everyone they know, unaware of what that choice may cost them.

“You don’t know where the time has gone.”