What f/m ships get: 

  •  Season long romance in every episode
  • Canon uncensored romance
  •  Story lines that don’t revolve around their sexual orientation
  • Ships on literally every show

What f/f ships get :

  • Subtext
  • Death by stray bullets
  • Queerbaiting
  • Disapointment
Dear Straight People Who Complain There Are Too Many LGBT People In Media

Where are you finding all of this queer media and can please forward it to me? Seriously dude, I have to spend like an hour trying to find something I haven’t seen before and then just end up rewatching Imagine Me & You or Carmilla or something because I can’t find anything.

This year so far...
  • The 1OO, The Walking Dead, Jane the Virgin, etc:kill theirs lesbian
  • Networks:renewed all these shows!!! Bless them!
  • Person of Interest:*kill Sameen Shaw (a bissexual character) in season 4*
  • CBS:that was beautiful here a season 5 for you
  • POI:LOL 😂 just kidding!! She is very alive and very in love with Root
  • CBS:Siiiiin, canceled!!!
  • Faking it:*lesbians, bissexuals, transgender, intersex*
  • Carter:No LGBT character will die
  • MTV:how dare you? Canceled!!!
  • Supergirl:*people ship Kara and Cat*
  • CBS Minion:Sir, even though Kara has 3 male love interst people are still shipping her with Cat
  • CBS:Fire Callista Flockhart
  • Minion:But sir, she is a big star and give the show a lot of attention
  • CBS:ok, so she is no longer and series regular!!!
  • Minion:genious
  • Agent Carter minion:sir, send Angie away didnt work, now people are shipping Carter with Dottie
  • ABC:agh...Better cancel then!!
  • Nancy Drew:*awsome idea, lot of badass women*
  • CBS:this show has no diversity, where is all the white straight man with manpain?? NO!! TOO FEMALE!! NOT APROVEEEEED!!!!!!
  • Has been a awsome year so far!!!
So let's check in with my ships today

Clexa - dead *nope*
Calzona - still divorced *nope*
Karmy - still lemon af *nope*
Vauseman - maybe dead
Cophine - dead *nope*
Swan Queen - never happened
Emison - yeah right
Hollstein - broken up, of course
Naomily - dead *nope*
Shoot - where even is Shaw?

So everything is just about normal.

Update: Noralise - dead *nope*

I think you can imagine what nope means.

what the signs want
  • aries:lesbian characters that aren't dead
  • taurus:lesbian characters that aren't dead
  • gemini:lesbian characters that aren't dead
  • cancer:lesbian characters that aren't dead
  • leo:lesbian characters that aren't dead
  • virgo:lesbian characters that aren't dead
  • libra:lesbian characters that aren't dead
  • scorpio:lesbian characters that aren't dead
  • sagittarius:lesbian characters that aren't dead
  • capricorn:lesbian characters that aren't dead
  • aquarius:lesbian characters that aren't dead
  • pisces:lesbian characters that aren't dead