Cutting the Cords from past relationships

Several people have asked me how to cleanse the body of energetic cord attachments to past relationships and how to release the energetic DNA material from the body.

Below is attached some information on cord cutting using Archangel Michael who has long been used for this purpose. Visualise his great sword severing these attachments.

Our relationships see us attaching cords of energy at various chakra levels and when the relationship is finished, those cords remain, allowing the other to influence us, or just suck on our energy.

I personally know that when I have used this technique the other has contacted me within 24 hours even if I have not heard from them in months, because they feel the energetic disconnect.

If you feel able to, also create a ritual space where you can smudge your entire energy field with sage – and for women: squat down and allow the smoke to enter into yoni space, holding the intention or saying out loud that now you release the energy of that person from your body and your sacred spaces. Next, have an Epsom salt bath, using at least 2 cups of salt in warm water. Stay there for 15 minutes and as you pull the plug intend that all the energy of that person released into the water is now being washed down the drain. Make sure to rinse yourself in the shower afterwards.

For releasing the vibrational DNA and the deeper etheric work, you will need a body worker or therapist who is able to help you with this. Put out the call to the Universe to find someone, and you will notice synchronistic signs that lead you to this person.

However…I truly believe that God has equipped YOU with the tools to do this work yourself. Set the intention, and believe whole-heartedly that you can release the lingering energy from this person. If you feel too much resistance, then find a qualified energy healer to assist you. But empower yourself by trying it yourself first.

Ancient Love/Phoenix Hearts

He sees the moon in her longing face, and a universe in each eye. The dance of a thought of a time when they met goes swiftly wafting by. Perhaps in a land much greener and old, and a time not so peaceful and free. Beneath cold stoney spires he sang with his lyre in hopes that he might attract she.
Now the years have gone passing, their bodies not lasting, did die and return to the earth. Though the love that was kindled, not easily dwindled, held fast to its magical worth. In an era of steel and small turning wheels the two may have found a rebirth. Now he sits writing songs and at night time he longs for her nestled with him by the hearth.
Some say that those who were born with the moon in Cancer secretly suffer from fear of abandonment. They feel deeply the emotional undercurrents of the world, and through all of the emotional fluctuation, they have a restless need for security. On the other hand, maybe it makes the desire for a true companion all the more agonizing. Many are quick to step over the heart which is battered, yet stitched to the sleeve.