karmi art

It hurts to look at her. It hurts to exist every day and know that she doesn’t need me, and more than anything I just wish I could see her and not feel a thing, but at the same time, I don’t, because that would mean letting go.
—  from an unfinished story #656
WTF I don’t even watch this show when did I start shipping them so hard
—  A novel by me
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  • bisexuality 
  • girls like girls
  • 5sos
  • smut (lotS ALL LOTS OF SMUTTIES PLS, I AM A HORMONAL TEENAGE GIRL IN NEED OF WELL WRITTEN SMUT. THANKS) (smut that has to do with camren, 5sos, ariana, karmy, reamy, lots & lots of fandoms) (IF THERE IS A SMUT MASTERLIST HIT ME UP ON THAT SHIT ILL BE ALL OVER IT LIKE RICORONNI)
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  • 1D

basically just look through my blog & you will get the mentality of what i enjoy/repost.  ✨ -dixie

I always deserved better than you. I deserved someone who would treat me like you always claimed to, someone who wouldn’t manipulate me or hurt me. But love isn’t about what you deserve, and I loved you anyway.
—  from an unfinished story #548

Thank You Faking It, for making this show and making me smile, laugh, cry and seeing their journey! I am still hopeful we will find a way to not let this end but even so i will miss this great show. 

Thank You for having a Amy who doesn’t need a label at the moment like i do.

Thank You for Karma who slowly was figure out herself.

Thank You for Lauren who was slowly accepting herself. 

Thank You for Shane who was proud to be him. 

And Thank You for Noah who i wish we saw more of him. 

Thank You! :) 

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