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DON”T LET THE UNIVERSE WIN! You can do this!! Stay in touch with him! I believe in you!

I just… His parents are divorcing and he’s thinking of going to Seattle in June. Which would likely be fore I get back from Wisconsin if I end up spending next semester working in Wisconsin.

He told me I should just go to Seattle with him. And dear lords and ladies it’s almost tempting. I’ve always wanted to go to Seattle. But I’ve only got a little left of school here, and then I hope to go to New York for a graduate program that I probably have no chance of getting into anyway.

I’m just very frustrated right now. I mean, I’m good with enjoying each others company while we’re both here and just dealing with the end of it later. Don’t waste what has the potential to be great for fear it may one day end. Right?

Sirius I will kill you
  • Sirius: *following the Turian politician* *goes wrong way*
  • Morbidy: Sirius where are you going?
  • Thane: Give me an update.
  • Kurama: He went the other way, Sirius
  • Sirius: shit!
  • At the apartment
  • Scene plays
  • Morbidy: WHAT DID YOU DO?!!?!??!
  • Sirius: I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry
  • Kolyat gets away
  • Thane angsts
  • Morbidy: THAAAAANE!
  • Sirius: I just-
  • Sirius: I can reload it I swear!