The Canary Islands from space.

NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg shot this amazing picture of these volcanic islands, along with Von Karman vortices in the clouds flowing around them. These form as masses of air split around protruding objects such as islands sticking out of the sea. Only four of the seven main islands are visible.


Image credit: K. Nyberg.

Yıl Olmuş 2015 Bilimin Hala Çare Bulamadığı 16 Günlük Problemim

Bilim ne kadar gelişirse gelişsin bunlara çare bulması imkansız gibi görünüyor. İnsanlığın var oluşuyla yaşıt çünkü bu günlük problemler. Bizden öncekiler gibi bizden sonraki nesiller de bu problemlerle yüzleşmeyi mecburen öğrenmek zorunda kalacaklar.

1. Sıvı Sabunun Dibinde Kalan Kısmının Bir Türlü Kullanılamaması


2. Bardağa Sığmayıp Keyfi Bir Anda Sıfıra İndiren Bisküviler

3. Sandalye veya Evin Herhangi Bir Eşyasına Dolanmış Kablo

4. Karman Çorman Olmuş, Çözülmesi İmkansız Kulaklıklar

5. Şeritli Olduğu Halde Bir Türlü Yırtılması gereken Yerlerden Yırtılmayan Kağıtlar

6. Hızla Odaya Girip Çıkarken Pantolona Düşman Kesilen Kapı Kolları

7. Sıkışıp Bir Türlü Açılmayan Fermuarlar

8. Bunu Koparmak da Ayrı Bir Dert ve Acı Sebebi

9. Evdeki Sivri Nesneler Yüzünden Ayak Serçe Parmağının Çektiği Çileler

10. Yemeklerine Sevginin Yanında Kendilerinden de bir Parça Koyan Sırma Saçlı Aşçılar

11. En Büyük Keder Sebebi

12. Uçları Bu Şekilde Açılıp Adamı Çıldırtan Kalemler

13. Kumandaların Sürekli Kaybolan Pil Yatağı Kapakları

14. Gereksiz Yere Geniş USB Aletleri

15. Kola Kutusu Açma İşi Başarısız Olunca Alternatif Bir Yol Olmaması

16. Şu İşaret Yerine Çizilmesi Daha Kolay Bir Şeyin Olmaması

These swirling clouds captured by NASA’s Terra Satellite above Jeju-do, South Korea, are known as Von Karman vortices.

They are created when a mass of fluid, such as water or air, encounters an obstacle and creates swirls going in alternating directions. The obstacle in this instance is Mount Halla, which rises to 6,400 feet-high enough to affect cloud patterns.


Photograph: MODIS/Terra/NASA

The Call Of The Mountains


        𝓛 𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒕 was walking towards the woods, looking for the killers who hide in remote places, deserts to attack without being seen by others, a tactic he learned over the years as much as he fed off a but he wanted another. He heard a different sound.
    A soft and thin crying and that made him remember his own past, is familiar sound, he heard one time when he still had the two guard dogs when he was human. It was the same cry now, thin and persistent crying of a dog or it could also be a wolf.

    He walked toward the crying, steps on the lawn and on the mud, the sound of his footsteps and twigs being broken in half, the cry of a cub was higher, the keener sound in his ears. The moon in the sky was being covered by black clounds. He was alert with the desperate cry, it seemed that the cub was lost and that cry is the call to be rescued by the mother. If is a dog he can’t let the little one there, the wolves would kill.He knows that the wolves are treacherous and smart. He learned when he confronted them.

    The vampire Prince stopped walking, he spotted the tiny animal. His hair resembled the gray wolf and was one. Thin coat grey, white, brown spots and beautiful blue eyes. Beauty of nature. He was shaking a lot and still cried, a cub. He could see the face of the animal.

Mon petit. he whispered the French words after he crouched in front of the tiny wolf.

You’re lost…it’s all right, with me you will be safe. he said with a slight smile, touching on the cheeks and behind his neck, he was so cold.  

    He doesn’t know how long it’s been since the cub is like that, he’s probably hungry and tired.
    Without hesitation, he took the pup with his hands, his warm hands under the two hind legs and put him in his arms, leaning against his chest, he hugged him, providing heat through his clothes and hands.

I will give you food, water, a nest, you will be fine…mon petit. Let’s go home. he whispered and looked at him, assuring.

Here they are!  All the songs from My Fair Hatey, in their entirety!  Enjoy!

I can’t praise Craig and the Wander crew enough for everything they did to make this episode such a wonderful reality.  Ultimate high fives and hugs to Craig, Frank, Amy, Todd, Noelle, Dave, Eddie, Justin, Alex, Laurens, and Lisa!   

Extra special thanks to my man, Mark Karafilis, in the Disney Television Animation Music Dept who championed this project from the start and found the resources for us to record at great studios with great players.

Here are complete liner notes for the music in case you’re into that sort of thing.  Thanks to all the actors, players, and various music crew who made these songs sound great!

The Singers:
Jack McBrayer as Wander
Keith Ferguson as Lord Hater & various singing Watchdogs
April Winchell as Sylvia
Tom Kenny as Commander Peepers & various singing Watchdogs
Noel Wells as Dominator
Fred Tatasciore as Dominator (inside the mask)
Me as various singing Watchdogs

The Players:
Jim Cox - piano 
Michael B Green - drums
Keith Karman - bass guitar
Charles DeCastro (of The California Feetwarmers) - trumpet & cornet
Justin Rubenstein (of The California Feetwarmers) - trombone
Joshua Kaufman (of The California Feetwarmers) - clarinet
Brandon Armstrong (of The California Feetwarmers) - sousaphone
Brian Scanlon - clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax (SAXOPHONE!!)
Me - banjo, guitars, organs

Recording Engineers:  
Gabe Moffat, Tom Rogers, Me, Mark Kondracki & the staff of Outloud Audio

Recording Studios:
Capitol Studios (!!!) - Los Angeles, CA (Piano, bass, & drums - Dec 2015)
Outloud Audio - Burbank, CA & NY, NY (Vocals - Nov 2014)
Atomix Media - Van Nuys, CA (Horns - Dec 2015)
My Garage - Los Angeles, CA (Everything else - Oct 2014 to Jan 2016)

Horn Arrangements
Me & Phil Granger

Mixed by Gabe Moffat

Made with SoundCloud