Original comic: Karmabees

Voice acting/Editing: SlowkingCole

Music: Bluemoon by Sokot Band.

The original comic is here.


So I wanted a ghost tattoo.  Some creepy, gangly, horror movie spirit. But I also wanted a pride tattoo, and, well, I kind of wanted them in the same place, so they became one thing.

I absolutely love love love bearstiel’s Night Vale angel (seen in the first pic with Old Woman Josie) and took it to my artist to use as a reference (mostly for shape, originally, but he copied the cavernous hole in Erika’s chest and the face pretty well, too). It’s a negative space, thing, so there’s hardly any ink inside the ghost (look, without wings it looks like a ghost.  Or a mutant zombie alien, according to my family. I just really really really am in love with the shape of it and the style) itself and the outline is made by the paint splatters and it turned out even better than I thought.

It’s still fresh and (surprisingly, to me) bruised.  Which reminds me, does anyone else with collarbone tattoos remember any bruising.  It’s mostly around the blue, purple, and green at the top, but with some over the yellow.

His name is Boo-regard T. Ghastly, but I have no idea what the T stands for. He likes to play peek-a-boo (geddit) with my “manager team” work shirt, which could become a real problem very soon. Whatever.  I love him and he makes me smile. This is one I will actually get to show off.