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Gakushuu: KARMA?!! WHAT THE–
Karma: You careless idiot~
Karma: A skirt, chill.
Gakushuu: What the hell, Karma.
Karma: To distract the chairman’s very own airhead, duh.
Gakushuu: … *looks in suspicion*
Karma: Hm..? *raises brow*
Gakushuu: You liar. You probably lost a bet or something.

Karma: I did n-  Of course not, you moron. 
Gakushuu: *eyerolls* Whatever, just give me back my wallet, Karma.
Karma: Nu-uh. Not until you treat me to lunch..
Gakushuu: Fine, fine. Where do we eat?
Karma: …..hm

Karma: But before that, do you have a spare uniform…?
Gakushuu: …
Karma: …
Gakushuu: So you did lost a bet, you plebian!
Karma: Shut up the fuck up.
Gakushuu: *hysterical laughter*
Karma: Tch.
Gakushuu: So.. Is it ethical to collect blackmail material now?

Karma: I’ll kill you, punk.

@silver244​  And I drew it!  ^ ^ (tho i put the question in the end so people won’t get spoilers, peace)

Notes: Sorry I did modifications XDD But yeah I can only think of that scenario. Thanks for the ask! I think he probably lost a bet to korosensei (I mean who would put it on him..?)

“Why are skirts so breezy?”

!!Stop What You're Doing!!

Please take the time to imagine the Karmagisa wedding with Karma wearing the veil and being the one to walk down the isle instead of Nagisa because he wants to make sure his lover doesn’t feel like he’s being made a bride instead of a groom in any way.

Please also imagine Karma saving his anal virginity for his and Nagisa’s wedding night/honeymoon, because he really wants his husband to feel like the dashing, powerful man that he is, and he wants to remember the night for the rest of his life. He likes topping better generally, when it comes to sex, but he adores the look on Nagisa’s face and making him feel just as confident as he should feel in his masculinity.

Please imagine Nagisa thanking him for the sacrifice he’s made for him, and Karma giving him a confused look, because he didn’t even think of it as such; he just loves his husband and that’s all there is too it.

Please imagine Karma feminizing himself without a second thought, all because he knows Nagisa’s insecurities and wants him to know that he is just as much a man as him.

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tunnel snakes rule

I have no idea how tall Butch is but Jeb is a 6'2" noodly tree man and I like height differences so /shrug.


The plan involved some more frames, but since it took me forever just for these three, well.

Working on my Nagisa x Karma x Kaede Fashion Illustration Book: Japanese Street Style. This one is Decora~ if you see my other doodle where Nagisa, Karma, Kaede wear some black and red clothing is for this illustration book :D ….and this one still doodle, I will finish it later.

Do not know if I will sell this yet, but if you interest at it you can ask me~

Assassination Classroom: Illustrated School Uniform Reference Book

Taken from the Assclass Official Fanbook

Korosensei: “I have researched the Kunugigaoka Middle School uniforms. I’ve noticed it before, but everyone’s individual styles stand out. 


Necktie: Both male and female students need to wear neckties. For girls it changes to a ribbon during the summer season. 

Button-up Shirt: As long as it’s white, whatever is fine. But they should wear the school-designated button-up during the summer season. 

Blazer: Both the blazer and skirt (should be) are made of the same-colored material.

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If you think that karma is the dark clouds that circle above your head when you’re trying to sleep at night, that isn’t it.
If you think that karma holds a knife and spills black ink whenever she speaks, no, that isn’t it.
Karma will come in wearing a dress. And you will absolutely notice it because it’s in your favorite shade of pink. And you never really knew you had a favorite shade of pink.
When Karma speaks, you will always listen. It’s as if she knows exactly what to say to make you attentive. To make you want to answer.
When Karma touches you, you’ll feel golden. And you already thought you were.
You walk around with all your pride and then she delicately dances around your room stealing your heart without even asking if she could take all your ‘alone time’ and replace it with her smell on your bed sheets.
If you think Karma is pretty, she isn’t.
Karma will look more like your first love.
She’ll collect your heart beats and won’t ever wanna see you cry.
And you’ll never know the different between ugly and beautiful again. Because she will look like both. Because although she is angelic, she also holds a knife in her hand.
And she has been stabbing you with loneliness since you noticed your flaws.
But just because Karma hurts, she won’t leave.
She’s also the opposite of everyone who’s ever said you were hard to love.
She didn’t memorize your facial expressions for nothing.
Yes, she has a list of your weakest points.
But she dots her i’s with little hearts and speaks in the softest tone when she talks about you. She talks about you like she talks about love.
Karma terrifies you. But you’ll learn that you wouldn’t want her to leave, too.

All the time, people ask me what music they should listen to. I can tell you know that Karma Wears White Ties are going to be all over my recommendations for the next few months.This is their newest single, Thick Frames.

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