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Freedom from Desire


CEO Caspian in Modern Day AU
Caspian X and Reader

Warnings: SMUT and unprotected sex! Ha ha …you thought all that fluff was just for fun!? 18+ so if you’re younger than that - this is the part where you stop and go read a lighter Caspian piece on my page.

A/N: Dear Aslan -  Sorry for making a naughty story. Sorry not sorry for all of it. I couldn’t help myself. I will make sure to say a lifetime of hail marys. I know it’s bad…..but come on guys. Tell me you’ve never thought of Caspian as a CEO?! I also filled in his last name for the sake of the story.

If you’re uncomfortable with Caspian in said position then I do strongly suggest you read some of my lighter fluffier pieces of him and pretend this never happened. I always want to be respectful of people and their comfort levels. But if you want to get dragged to hell, continue to read below :)

Also I LOVE Susan. Don’t mistake the random Susan angst for hate - I ship her and Caspian way too hard! I just like drama ha ha

Lastly this little piece was inspired by @la-fille-en-aiguilles - hope work has been treating you well chica!

Cair Paravel was the leading marketing firm in the world. Companies like Disney, Sony and Southwest paid millions of dollars to be associated with it. It represented actors, athletes, business moguls and small businesses. While it was in high demand it was also reasonable - sponsoring schools and nonprofit organizations around the world.

The single person driving the reigns to the crazy international kingdom that resided in London was Caspian Xavion the Tenth. That’s right. He was part of a decade of strong, successful businessmen.

And he was your boss.

You had literally stumbled into the job of personal assistant. Literally. You were walking out of a coffee shop, resumes in hand when you ran into his large, hard frame. You landed on your ass and when you were able to recover, you were looking into the deepest chocolate eyes you had ever seen. His bright white teeth clashed against his tan skin, his dark locks perfectly framing his face.

Then you remembered that you had spilled coffee on one of the most powerful, young bachelors in the world. 

You had also spilled coffee all over your resume and you groaned in realization, the expensive fresh pages coated in thick lakes of coffee. He had helped you pick up the lost keys to your future, taking a second to read over your resume and offered you a job. He was on the way to meet someone about being his personal assistant and you did just get your masters in public relations. You could intern while still making money and if you showed promise he promised to promote you.

Sometimes life really does work out in your favor. Sit in that for five seconds then remember that your boss is one of the sexiest, most successful young CEO’s in the world.

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