karma smacks you in the face

VI. Watch Me Dance

Also called: Club to Bed to Date.
Prompt: @overad smacked me deadass straight to the face with a gif. So here’s this. She said and i quote: “
imagine him looking at u like this, watching you dance. Dancing for him” you should have seen her facial expressions when i typed this in. Karma got its way?

In which Harry’s hawk-like stare on Y/N is only the beginning of their casual encounter, and new experiences.

It’s foggy in the night club. You had decided to go out and unwind after a month of non-stop working.  It was time to have some you time, to go out and enjoy. You called up some of your friends and they had agreed to come with to have a drink and dance against random bodies, something you didn’t do often, but what the heck. You were single and it had been a while since you mingled. It wouldn’t hurt to mindlessly flirt with a someone who was nice enough to buy you a drink and listen to you talk. Someone nice.

Upon arriving at the club, your friends basically ditch you for hotties and drinks, and you stand alone at the bar. You’re about ready to leave the place and ditch them, lord knows they were going to get some tonight, but something made you stay. You weren’t having a bad time, you were ok enjoying the music and swaying softly from side to side. There was some sort of “Ladies Drink Free” Night, and although you were not getting wasted, you weren’t about to turn down a free drink after the tough month you had gone through.

There’s a chilling gaze upon you. You can feel it. And you turn slightly to your right, scanning the place for someone creeping on you. And your eyes briefly connect with green ones. He’s a bit far, there’s a light on him for a moment that lets you know his eyes are emerald, and that confirms he’s looking at you. It’s not unnerving, it’s not creepy, even though he is literally staring. You feel warm all over. There was something about the way he was looking at you. Like you were all in his mind, like you were the light, and he liked that. You blush slightly and continue to drink from your glass.

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