karma ring

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choc0bunnyqueen  asked:

I love your Karmanami one-shots!! So cute!! Kyaa! Can I request Karma proposing to Manami!?

I’m so happy to know you like my writing X3 This request is adorable so I tried to give it a proper justice, as a side note I think Fearless by Taylor Swift is a good KaruMana song (I was listening to it while writing) Since this is a proposal and all, I aged them up a lil bit. It’s kinda short but anyway, I hope you enjoy this <3

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signs as unreleased marina and the diamonds songs

aries: “You are my silver, silver, silver wall, watch me slip and you let me fall
Bigger the risk, bigger the gain, bigger the break, and the bigger the play”

//silver walls

taurus: “White white teeth are such a must but sweetheart you can’t dazzle us with smiles that always remind me of fallen flowers and rising weeds”
//this is la

gemini: “Do I despise these perfect lies I tell myself each night and day
Go kiss by blackened heart goodbye, I’m running out of things to play”

//plastic rainbow

cancer: “I walked all night long in the dark just to be standing here only to feel like nobody, I’m Miss Y am I here?
//miss y

leo: “You think I’m like the other girls, you think i’m like the rest, you think I’d like to rule the world but this is all a test”
//like the other girls

virgo: “Love is a turbulent sea, are you scared to swimming with me? Swim past the fishermen’s nets that have already tried to trap you and me”
//the common cold

libra: “The weighing scales they broke my back, that’s what imbalanced me; I fell in love but I didn’t look back to see if he was looking back at me”
//horror pop

scorpio: “I’m embarrassed to confess I am a jealous girlfriend, I want you to belong to me but I think that they call that jealousy”

sagittarius: “Women, men and in-betweens – why don’t you just stop dieting? Go bake, eat cake, go cheer, drink beer! Worrying is boring!”
//supermodel’s legs

capricorn: “Oh Mr and Mrs Perfect together they cannot be! And that’s the thing you had to deal with when you fell in love with me”

aquarius: “Because pancake karma is coming for you, pancake karma will always ring true, drunk kids never pay for food, gives the pancake gods a foul mood”
//pancake karma

pisces: “I smell a little bit of danger and got my heart handcuffed to a stranger; I am a fool to not cut the ties that bind the eyes that loved you”
//blindfold me