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I wonder if Thrawn keeps Pryce around because of her many failures.
She should have been reprimanded.  or at least demoted for her various mishaps, especially with the Mon Mothma AND the Kallus fiasco. 

But she’s still there by Thrawn’s side.  

And I wonder that, if going by the speculation that Thrawn is crippling the Empire, he keeps her around despite her many failures for that purpose. Because if he keeps her in a high position she’ll screw up on a large scale. and eventually she’ll lose Lothal to the Rebels, and I think with that, the Empire will be very crippled.

He’s manipulating her and setting her up for disaster by giving her so many oppurtunities despite knowing she isn’t qualified, only so that she can cripple the Empire for him. It’s almost karma, considering she manipulated him at a point.

And I think this applies to Konstantine as well. Thrawn could have ruined his career, but he kept him around, despite his failures. And i feel that Thrawn did it only because he wanted Konstantine to fail, so that he could cripple the Empire. Which he did.

Thrawn’s using the Empires own players against them, and exploiting everyone’s weakness so that they can destroy the Empire for him. I believe he’s been thinking about this since the knowledge of the Death Star, and has put his plan into motion ever since. It could also be why he sent Eli away, because he doesn’t want him to be caught up in the disaster that will soon be the Empire.

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Sorry I misunderstood I thought you were defending Sabrina as a character.

Oh Most Definitely I Am.

Until I get further info from the show I feel like there’s absolutely nothing so far that warrants the fandom blindly attacking Sabrina’s character for “Faking It” with Amy.

Its hypocritical for us to judge Sabrina more harshly for her actions when she seems to be doing much of the same things the rest of the cast have done (lying, plotting, starting relationships based on fake premises)

BUT she for real still has a long-distance boyfriend

Not to sound too callous and unfeeling here, but so what?

A steady stream of infidelity has run through this show since the onset. Karma has been cheating on Amy with Liam since the beginning of the series. Liam and Amy betrayed Karma at the end of season one.

If 3 of the 5 show leads can be redeemed after cheating on their partners why can’t Sabrina?

BUT Sabrina’s lying about her identity JUST to get closer to Amy.

And the problem with that is what exactly?

  • This is the same show that opens with Karma pretending to be spontaneously blind to gain favor with the school, then “make a triumphant return” as a gleaming, miraculously sighted popular person by Prom night.
  • BOTH Amy and Karma lied about their sexualities and pretended to be a couple for months on end, which eventually led to Amy developing concrete feelings for Karma.

I see no reason why the same can’t be true for Sabrina and Amy. What we know of Sabrina’s character so far is that she’s had a pre-established desire to become closer to Amy even way back long ago.
There may be a deeper context at play here that explains the feelings of jealousy and the extremes to which her push for a closer relationship with Amy  have taken shape in the present day. Knowing this show, its probably something that Sabrina herself may not truly understand yet.

That dawning realization could be, at the heart of it, a solid base for genuine feelings, much like what happened with Amy’s character in season 1 and what’s currently happening with Karma’s character from season 2 into season 3.

Also keep in mind Karma and Amy’s couple ruse had a much weaker reasoning behind it (Karma wanted to become popular & impress the most popular boy in school while Amy wanted to make Karma happy)

Whereas Sabrina seems to be doing all of this to become a closer friend to Amy than she’s ever been previously able to achieve due to Karma’s constant presence in Amy’s life.

Sabrina’s taking it WAY too far though, cutting out Karma.

Not necessarily. Desperate times and all…

We’ve been able to see how impenetrable Karma and Amy’s bond has become over 3 seasons now. It can withstand anything and leaves little space for new entrants.

Look at how Queen Bee Lauren Cooper was chewed up and spit out by the “hurts-so-good” emotional roller-coaster we affectionately know as Karmy just this season alone. 

When Amy returned from her summer away, Lauren was adamant that Amy stand her ground with Karma and not apologize “Resist the urge to forgive, Jesus wasn’t right about everything…”

It was Lauren who insisted all along that the Hump Day video be released so that Karma be forced into home-schooling. It wasn’t enough for her that Karmy were already on the outs,

Lauren wanted to resort to overkill to eliminate Karma, keep Amy as her sister, & ensure her position as Amy’s new #1. But why?

Why was Lauren so scared that if Amy and Karma were friends again then she’d have no place left for her as Amy’s friend as well? Shouldn’t all of the progress they’ve made as sisters been enough of a comfort for her that their relationship wouldn’t change? Why didn’t she trust Amy’s assurances that she’d remain a priority in her life?

Because Lauren wisely knows that if Karma’s in the picture, then Amy may as well be blind, deaf and dumb to the rest of the world. She’s a textbook Karmasexual, she’s a Karma-fiend. Nothing gets through to her if Amy’s all “hopped up on a dose of Karma”

So its no surprise that when Karma and Amy got back on good terms Lauren and Amy’s previous closeness took a major step backwards, which culminated in Lauren moving out. I understand that their relationship is still much better now  than when the series first premiered off, but its nowhere near as deep as it was during Karmygeddon and some of Amy’s most dire moments. And this is #QueenLauren we’re talking about here. Queen Lauren lost a battle…

  • Queen Lauren who  single-handedly defeated Principal Turner’s school-board and rescued Hester from certain annihilation.

  • The same girl who interviewed on Huffington Post Live and became a viral video and social-media sensation.

  • Lauren, who is well on her way to successfully parlaying her “inspirational fame into an aspirational lifestyle brand”.

If the Goddess herself, Lauren Cooper is no match for Karmy how can any mere mortal stand a chance?

Its because of Lauren’s failure to make inroads with Amy that I can gain a better appreciation for Sabrina’s methodical approach.

With Sabrina, unlike the case with Lauren, this wasn’t her first “Karmy Rodeo”. Sabrina has plenty of memories from Camp Kichi-WaWa informing her decisions upon her surprise return to Austin.

Having firsthand knowledge of how impossible it is to gain any quality one-on-one time with Amy, that her bestie Karma can’t steal focus from & invade, Sabrina is wise to want to give herself an edge here.

A shared secret that she begs Amy not to spill to Karma is the perfect way in. I can’t hate the player when the game has been consistently rigged in Karma’s favor up until now.

And Sabrina making that secret a tacit admission that she’s “not so sure about her sexuality” is just the icing on the cake.

That’s the one area where Karma can’t reach her.
The one place Karma refuses to go.

Because Karma is “Straight

Like I’m sure a lot of viewers were, I have to say I was rather put off when I started seeing Karma’s character repeat the steady refrain of “I’m Straight” way back when in season 2…

Something about it really irked me…

To have a Major Character, and One-Half of the show’s Central Pairing state the ABSOLUTE opposite of what so much of the fandom and the viewers wanted to hear… It was like nails on a chalkboard every time they mentioned it. And they KEPT mentioning it time and time again.

But having Sabrina appear in this back half of Season 3 episodes as a perfect mirror to Karma except in that ONE way; I really like where the writers took this particular story thread, and I can appreciate the groundwork they laid for it now.

When you Break-Down Karma/Amy/Sabrina’s Commonalities:

  • All 3 girls share an earlier history that predates high school

  • Independently, Karma+Amy & Sabrina+Amy can get along extremely well and have an easy and extremely intimate rapport

  • But ONLY Amy and Sabrina have the shared experience of confiding out loud that they’ve been actively questioning their sexuality

On 2 out of the 3 bullets Karma and Amy are perfectly in sync but where Sabrina hits her is on that last bullet, which also just so happens to be the one that most directly pertains to Amy’s current state of mind and is the most recent and major personal development in her life as of late.

It’s a critical blow to Karma, and a perfect shot in the arm for boosting Sabrina’s appeal. She and Amy become further removed from Karma’s prying influence. Able to connect on a deeper more personal level than ever before.

For both Karma and Amy, so much of what neither Liam nor Reagan could measure up to as far as a Romantic partner goes, involved the depth of Karmy’s Past.

But with Sabrina, that point is largely moot. Sabrina, Amy, and Karma all share a past, so that’s no longer the defining obstacle here. If anything the Past becomes one of Karma’s more hindering qualities towards stopping the Sabrina/Amy pairing since in the more recent past, she’s been a key contributor to much of Amy’s pain.

Meaning Amy may seek out Sabrina even more aggressively because of the painful past she and Karma share, in the hopes that Sabrina may offer an escape.

As she stands now, Sabrina is previously unexplored by Amy as a potential love interest. She’s free of the devastation & disappointment that Karma’s been loaded down with over 10 years and multiple seasons, and can offer Amy an off-ramp that veers away from the looping “track that runs through her heart over and over again”.

For the first time ever, Karma will be the odd-woman out, unable to relate to or fully appreciate Sabrina or Amy’s experiences (unless there’s something she’s finally willing to confess). She’ll become the lowly “Third Amiga” who gets left behind in the shuffle..

Sabrina/Amy’s romance offers so much potential for this show for me.

Amy and Sabrina are already incredibly cute together. I never thought I’d like a pairing that stood in such direct opposition to the Karmy ship this much but I really do. Its such good fodder for other stories and parallels.

Sabrina is EXACTLY like Karma a liar, manipulator, clinically insecure and selfish person who uses complex schemes to serve her own means… HOWEVER…

Sabrina is also EXACTLY like Karma, a cute, funny, down to Earth girl from Amy’s past that makes her happy and could really have a future with her if she was willing to try

What if Karma lied, cheated-on and deceived Amy the whole time but realized she actually DID reciprocate her feelings in the end and turned those feelings into a real relationship. Well that’s who Sabrina is.

She’s the girl that runs the long-con on Amy. Faking girlfriends out of spite towards Karma and a greed for Amy, until she accidentally slips up somewhere along the way and starts to fall for her for real.

It’s all of the character development that Karma’s undergone, with the necessary addition of some real-world follow through on Sabrina’s part.
Now Karma is forced to stand back and watch from the bushes as Sabrina takes advantage of her every missed opportunity with Amy.

Where Karma turned left Sabrina turns right. Where Karma stopped & changed direction Sabrina surges ahead. For Karma Its that cruelest form of torture to witness Sabrina easily avoid all her many pitfalls and mistakes and win Princess Sarcasm’s heart in the process.

Hopefully the show-runners can do Sabrina’s massive character potential justice…

I’m not a good person anymore. My qualities don’t redeem me. I can’t be sad and go, “at least I’m a good person.”
It means there’s no good parts about me anymore.
It means when I’m curled in bed crying, I can’t think that good karma will come around and save me because I don’t have good karma anymore.

I am manipulative now. The worst quality I could possibly think of I now possess. I’m bad. I’m a waste. Some days I’m even empty inside. It’s not healthy and it’s not right.
I can’t completely isolate myself either because I do not live alone.
There’s only one way out and it’s through death. So if one morning someone finds me dead, in the street, in my bed, in the bathroom or in a river… Do not be upset. I did the only good I could do and saved people the pain of knowing me.

—  I’m sorry.
The forces of karma need no manipulation. After all these readings to all kinds of people, I know one thing for sure: If you’re destined to be with someone, nothing can stop it. You won’t need to rope, trick, or drug them into loving you. Those books that leave women terrified of just being themselves are somehow both tragic and hilarious at once.
—  Tosha Silver

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karmas just a manipulative straight girl after this episode i guess :( after what she said about kissing amy

You are just such a BOOTIFUL anon. Seriously, you make my day everytime. I hope yours is just as fantastic.

“Manipulative straight girl” HAHAHAHA that’s a good one. You should really go into comedy. Honestly, you a SO fucking funny. 


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Well, I guess this means that Karma and I have a lot in common then. I too am a 

and as I’m COMPLETELY 100% over the moon straight I have a really important question to you ask you

Reasons why you shouldn’t hate Karma (Faking It)

… so (so? So), let’s start by saying that more than half of the fandom hates Karma, so I guess most of you won’t like this but meh

Usually, people describe Karma as selfish, they say that all she does is hurt Amy over and over again… BUT is Amy a saint?

Karma broke Amy’s heart by rejecting her, and this nobody can say otherwise. But also Amy broke Reagan’s heart by making her believe that she truly loved her and that she was completely over Karma. Karma has “used” Amy… but, has she, really? She never did anything that involved Amy without Amy’s consent (as far as I remember, but my memory sucks so correct me if I’m wrong). Amy instead hurt Karma by sleeping with Liam, yet Karma forgave her. 

Karma loves Amy, the only thing that we don’t know yet is if it’s in a platonic or romantic way, but we’ll find out. Amy instead is broken hearted. And I know what it feels like, sadly, it makes you almost hate the persone who broke your heart. That is human, of course. But why doesn’t Karma’s pain matters to you? Because yes, she suffers too. And in last episode we saw it. She misses Amy, Amy herself broke her heart (even if not in a romantic way) by posting that video, blaming her for her own problems when it comes to her sexuality, leaving her when she needed her the most BUT we’re not blaming Amy for that, of course, her ex Hawaiian boyfriend cheated on her, her other ex boyfriend is over her (we’ll talk about this later in this post), her only friend isn’t helping her, and stuff.

Ok, let’s move on from Karmy and let’s talk about Karma.

Is Karma selfish? … eh.

Karma is a human being.

With that being said, we can proceed. I know that a lot of you hate Karma for, as I said before, “using” Amy and being “selfish”. But, according to your logic, wasn’t Amy selfish too when she completely left Karma?

In last episode she said “And I guess I kissed you in the pool because maybe a small part of me does want you to be love with me… cause it feels good. I know it’s so selfish.” Let’s analyze this sentence. 

maybe a small part of me does want you to be love with me..cause it feels good: Why would she say this? Because she is selfish!!! Ssssh, be quiet there. Because she needs to be loved. Why? Because she is selfish!!!!!!!! No, because not only it is a common human need to feel loved (c’mon wouldn’t you like to know that someone loves you), but because I think it is almost obvious now that she has struggles with self-confidence. Karma doesn’t love herself, that’s why she needs others’ approval, which is why she wanted to be popular at first, she needs Amy’s approval, she needs Amy to remind her what she’s worth. And of course that is a heavy burden for Amy. Karma is literally a normal problematic teenager. But then it comes to her sexuality. 

Now, things get even more complicated. 

Many people will say “she’s straight”, and many others will say “she… loves Amy!!”. 

The first thing we’re going to say about this is that why would she be afraid to come out as a non-straight person, since her parents are (double italic) very open minded and her best friend has a crush on her? 

To answer this question we must split sexuality in two parts: romantic part and sexual part. Because yes, these are two different things. Let’s just make an example with Amy: she seems sexually attracted to both girls and guys, right? In season 2 she was hot for that one brazilian dude there at the kind-of-a prom. And also in season 2 she had sex with Reagan which also shows that she is attracted to girls too (I mean of course there are other proofs, but we ain’t talking about Amy here). Instead, even if she tried to be with boys, aka Oliver and Felix, she didn’t show any actual interest in them. So we could say that she is Bisexual but Homoromantic.

When it comes to Karma, otherwise, it’s pretty obvious that she is sexually attracted to boys- Liam and that other dude, Dylan(?). But she had a dream where she had sex with Amy… right? Yes, so what does this make her? Well, confused. That is the whole problem. She is confused! She probably is attracted to Amy, but she isn’t sure about it. Maybe because she doesn’t know what love actually is, so she might as well be loving Amy without knowing it. Although what I think is that, not only she is afraid that being in a relationship with Amy would ruin everything, but she loves Amy… just not in a sexual way. Not enough to make her want to have sex with her. She might be afraid that, once Amy and her are in a relationship, Amy would want to, yk, make love, and she wouldn’t be able to love Amy the way Amy loves her. It’s like “Hey Amy I love you but, as you said in s1, I don’t even like looking at my own vagina so let’s not fuck!”, I mean, that wouldn’t be the nicest thing to say. She might as well love Amy, but still be sexually attracted to Liam. The thing is that we don’t know it yet.

Sometimes you forget that this show is called Faking It and not “Amy Raudenfeld”. This show is not only about Amy’s sexuality and confusion, this show is not only about Amy being the poor victim of an unreciprocated love (and the worst thing is that people blame Karma for this. No, I don’t underrate friendzone since I know what it feels like, but God you can’t blame a person for not loving another person, no matter what your personal story is), this show is about BOTH of them, which means that also Karma has the right to be confused and scared and questioning her sexuality! It isn’t fair to ignore Karma’s point of view. We all saw that she does care about Amy, a lot, she has the EpiPen, she told Amy about the rat and caught it, she payed the dj to put their song, she does care. She hasn’t really “used” Amy, she has always put (yay 0 grammatic) Amy before anybody else, before Liam too. She told her that she doesn’t find a way to not hurt her… and I think that means that she truly want to change, she truly want to keep their friendship alive without hurting Amy. (Basically yes, she did manipulate a little, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care). 

Now, before we finish this all, I know it’s so selfish. This almost made me cry actually, because it shows that Karma wants to be loved, but she too think it is selfish. She thinks that a human need doesn’t count with her and that she is selfish for wanting that. kinda like me, that’s why I understand her 

(which also shows why she feels so bad knowing that even Liam doesn’t love her anymore)

Karma manipulated Amy to stay because, let’s face it, who else does she have? Amy had Reagan, Lauren, Shane. Karma had… no one. Not even Liam. Amy was her only friend, and she was afraid to lose her.

… so. I tried to explain the reasons why you should try to understand Karma instead of just hating on her. Of course I’m not forcing you to love her, just… think about it before hating her?? Anyway, I suck at exposing my ideas so I know this is also going to be awfully written, but appreciate pls lol

P.s.: I’m not an english mothertongue, so I’ve probably made some mistakes. If you find any, please correct me :3

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Thoughts on Faking it 3X07

Me before the last 10 minutes of the episode: Karma is just overreacting. Sabrina cannot be that diabolical. Typical jealous Karma.