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I was always told that only time would heal the pain
And even though it’s been so long, it still hurts just the same
Yeah you know I’m finding that the break was binding
I take back everything I said, ooh, won’t you just come home?

-Until You Were Gone by The Chainsmokers ft. Emily Warren

 05th - Bonus Day: New World / Hallow EP1 / Free Day

Not only I have to proof to someone that I can draw other stuff than fire emblem but also because I’ve read to much Assassination Classroom lately

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Name: Andrew

Nicknames: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Height: “5'8” 

Hogwarts house: Gryffindor

SSB main: Link

Fictional character I’d date: I’ve never thought about that before. Elektra, i guess.  

Favourite bands: My main are Brain Fallon and The Gaslight Anthem and bunch of others lol

How many blogs are you following: 500

Aesthetic: New car smell, Forest in the fall, 

Favorite greeting: “Hi, so and so” “Hey, man”

Pets: A dog

Last song listened to: She Said, Sundara karma

Favorite show: GOT, Daredevil, ASoUE, Stranger Things, Band of Brothers, and Legion. And bunch other ones i just can’t think of right now.     

Hobbies: Playing video games, Driving around, Going to sporting events, daydreaming, reading, and listing to music.

Books I’m reading:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Worst thing I’ve ever tasted: Cauliflower, so fucking bad. 

Favorite place: Sleeping haha

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