karma draws things

(pls view full size 8’) thanks for ruining my life tumblr)

just a doodle of something that’s been in my head for the past few days, ‘cause as much as DL-6 sucks noodles, it’s also the anniversary of the day that Gregory Edgeworth wrecked Manfred von Karma’s shit and then fifteen years later Phoenix went and like, double wrecked his shit.

anonymous asked:

karma to match magical kayano and nagisa?

the trio is complete!


webber and his friends have an important message for everyone

this text was taken from @truespiderfactz‘s excellent post here, and this artwork was commissioned by @cameoappearance in exchange for a screenshot of their donation to charity, which is an ongoing offer here for as long as it needs to be.

thank you for this cam.. thinking about webber has gotten my spirits up on a lot of bad days and i genuinely and sincerely endorse all of the adorably-misspelled positivity coming out of their mouth here. the spiders and i are here for all of you.