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Karma’s Graduation Album Mini-Chapter: Hell Fire

Here’s the last of the mini-chapters in English! I moved this one to be the last one because there were puns and word play  and I wanted to make sure my explanations were clear.

Page 1

Glasses Guy:  I’ve heard that our authorities have a lot of factional disputes. We should be careful not to get involved.

Karma: Heeh…

Karma: Conversely, isn’t that rather interesting?

Mysterious Bureaucrat: Akabane Karma…huh

Mysterious Bureaucrat: It’s a name that suggests one would be burnt to death by his hellish flames

Karma: Secretary-kun, connect me to the professor

Terasaka: Don’t look so self-important!!

Guys: W-with this, we could die….

Karma:  Die, you say?

Karma: Before being killed by overseas forces, let’s die once

Karma: Whichever way you go, your industry is not going to survive

Page 2

Narration: Look, Karma

Narration: That…is the fate of a bureaucrat who stubbornly clings to his ideals

Nagisa:  Why do I get wasted every time I meet you…

Karma: So that I can freely complain without you remembering a thing

Black haired girl: Apparently he had told his former teacher that

Black haired girl: He wants to become a helpful bureaucrat in times like this*

Karma: …To think that you would double-cross me

Karma:  You’re awfully different from the small glasses type I like

Karma: But I also love guys like you

Karma: Because they’re so interesting


The title is a pun on Karma’s name. 業火 means “hell fire”, but 業 is also the kanji used to spell Karma’s name. 業 by itself literally means karma, although it’s usually not read as “karma” like we see with his name.  IMO Karma’s story has the best title because of this (Followed by Class President Asano: THE HERO). Puns are great.

*The kana written here is こういう which translates as “like this”. However, the kanji characters used here, 災害, means “disaster”, so that line can also be translated as:

“He wants to become a helpful bureaucrat in times of disaster”

Seems like hard, stressful work Karma is doing, but he’s trying hard. I’m glad Terasaka was able to cameo too. I had not expected him to appear in the five mini-chapters.

I’m editing the other chapters so that there are hyperlinks to each of the other character’s chapters, but in case you missed one, you can find the translations for:

Nagisa’s chapter

Karasuma’s and Irina’s chapter

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Hope you all have enjoyed these! Let me know if I made any mistakes!

So did anyone notice which faces of Korosensei went with each character?

Nagisa: Normal Face

Kayano: Arrogant Face

Karma: Bad Adult Face/Okuda-Induced Face

Isogai: Correct Answer Face

Maehara: Lustful Face

They all… really fit… *stares at Kayano* I see that they’re giving the anime-only fans early hints now.


today i went to the record store and i found a test press of this really really beautiful jazz soul album by a band called karma..the album is called celebration..you should listen to it

.it was unopened and it took me all day to decide whether id open it and listen or keep it sealed bc ive become one of those weird record people but i opened that shit and rolling a blunt n feeling good about it. found it on my birthday n it was pressed in september. feeling good about that too.


January 5th, 2016 - Christina attended a Linda Perry-hosted event, celebrating the song Hands of Love, written for the Peter Sollett’s movie Freeheld. Christina took the stage to perform John Lennon’s Mother, a song she had covered in 2007 as part of the Instant Karma tribute album.

Christina wore a Dolce & Gabbana double-breasted blazer, black tights, Christian Louboutin Top Croche over-the-knee boots and a chiffon blouse. The look was accessorized with cocktail rings and a (Jill Hoffmeister?) single baguette lariat necklace.

I usually don’t comment on her outfits, but this time let me spend a couple of words on it. I’ve read many negative comments and I don’t agree with them. The outfit is far from being good or interesting, but I love the raw energy I get from it. It’s something I’ve never seen in Christina’s previous looks. I just love it.