Tumblr Tuesday: The Karlskaleidoscope

1. Who is karlskaleidoscope?

A dreamer, a writer, a long lost Kardashian sister, a unicorn believer and a girl who gets distracted easily. Also someone who loves food way too much and is too lazy to exercise, a graphic novel and video game geek and a lover of film cameras, lomos and Polaroid pictures.

2. What is your signature style? How would you define it?

Whatever fits my mood. I don’t really have a definite style, sometimes I’m a rocker, or more glam and some days I’m in sweatpants with no make up on.

3. Whose style do you admire?

Rooney Mara, Megan Fox, Olsen twins, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Khloe Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry.

4. What is your guilty pleasure?

Fast food, thrift shops and online shops. I’m a sucker for nail polish and lipsticks as well.

5. What turns you off?

People who are arrogant, self-righteous, way proud, rude, backstabbers, superficial people and those who feel the need to put others down in order to better themselves. I also hate people who can’t seem to let certain things go and are just too bitter to be better.

6. What are the common misconceptions about you?

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Jhona, Jamie, Gem, and the rest of “Kiefpeeps”

Yes, these were the other girls who joined me in supporting Kief with everything he does. We planned things, shared stories, and bought gifts for Kief. Like me, they never thought they’d do something like this for a basketball player…so that added up to the excitement of the experience! Haha we’re all laughing at ourselves for being hardcore fans and we’d always ask ourselves what made us do all these.

I met Gem and her sister, Marion, during the Adamson-Ateneo game (where they lost). It was also the day when I first met Kief, hihi. So yeah they approached me while I was waiting for him outside Araneta and we became friends after that. Jamie comes all the way from Nueva Ecija just to watch a game and I met her during the first championship game between FEU and Ateneo and we became friends after that too! Jhona, on the other hand, was the organizer of Kief’s birthday bash and since I was the one who designed the tarp, I needed to meet up with her to give her the file since the file size is to big for it to be sent over the internet. And we became friends ever since :>

I’ve also met other people who’re Kief’s fans too, and even though I didn’t really get to be very close to a lot of them, I consider them friends. They’re nice! :)


So…my fangirling over Kiefer Ravena didn’t actually stop there. UAAP made me meet a lot of awesome people, and that includes Karla Aguas. Read the whole story here. I thought I actually ended there, but she’s too adorable to not stalk know more about her! Incidentally, I think, I discovered her Tumblr account and followed her immediately. Then, I discovered her talent in writing and thought how perfect this woman is. So yeah Karla and Nico became one of my favorite couples ever since. But Karla following me here on Tumblr makes the whole Karla Aguas experience so fulfilling. Hihihihi so kilig :“>


This girl was talking to me here on Tumblr since 2010 but I never really thought I’d actually meet her in real life and be friends with her.We met in DLSU when I went there to research for my thesis and it didn’t stop there. We’d meet in Taft during our free times, especially when I am alone (I spend a lot of time alone last term because of my 6-hour break). She was my only hope because I didn’t have a lot of friends in school, and I’m so thankful that she’s willing to accompany me. Hahahaha. She was also my companion in my first ever UAAP game (DLSU-ADMU). I dragged her to the 1st anniversary of the Pinoy Parawhores and made her meet other Paramore fans since she wasn’t able to go last year. Uh, I actually miss her cuz the last time I saw her was when I was waiting for a bus in Taft on the way home (which was more than a month ago, sigh). I miss you, Bebegurl!

Ate Crae

Last, but not the least. So, summer meant OJT for me. It was Ate Crae who helped me get into Wedding Essentials Magazine. Honestly, I wanted to take my OJT there because I wanted to meet her. She followed me on Tumblr about a year ago, after mentioning her in this post. I remember how she messaged me about it and said "There should be more people like you.” Since then, I can’t remember any bad thing that she uttered. She’d always give me words of wisdom especially when I’m feeling down, and made me remember that there is a Great God out there for me. I felt how she was a real ate to me, despite the fact that we haven’t met each other at that time. She told me how she wanted to be an ate to others, since she’s the youngest in her family. So imagine my ecstasy when I finally met her for my OJT. It felt so awesome that we talked during our first meeting like we’ve known each other for years. I only worked there for less than a week but my attachment to their office felt like I was there for at least a month. I miss her like I’ve seen her several times already, I miss her like I’ve been with her a lot. But since there’s the internet, I still get to talk to her from time to time. Actually, we’ve been planning to meet since who-knows-when but it just won’t happen. So I promise myself to set a day next week when I can meet with her again, finally. I will forever be thankful to have met a wonderful person like her.

And…yeah. That ends my year-end post. Just sharing some of the many people I met and knew this year. I guess this is the year where I felt a lot of people come into my life. And I think it has a purpose, since I lost a big part of my life recently. Para medyo quits naman daw sabi ni God. :>

I’m looking forward to meeting a lot more people in 2012, and I think I’m sure about that since I’ll be working during the 2nd part of the year…hopefully. And, I also wish to see some more of my follower-friends here on Tumblr! Cheers to 2012, let’s all wish for it to be a good one for us, for our country, and for the whole world.

*Jay Sean’s 2012 on cue*

My 2011 in Bullets.

I was browsing my 2011 planner and I decided to do a loooooong list of the things that made my 2011 oh, so special. :)


January 1: Spent New Year’s Day with Gabriel.

January 2: Movie date with Maui.

January 4: Roadtrip with Justin and Ching. Hello Batangas! :> Dinner at Leslie’s Tagaytay. Ultimate Bonding Experience.

January 22: Kuya Jojo and Ate Weng’s Wedding.

January 23: Reunion with the Laurio Clan.


February 4: First day of OJT at Blas F. Ople Foundation.

February 5: Reunion with my CRMI classmates! Bowling + Videoke + Yellow Cab + reminiscing the things we did waaaaay back our elementary days. Fun day! 

February 10: Justin’s Tikoy Party!

February 11 to 12: Retreat with LR35 at Light of the World, Silang, Cavite.

February 14: Celebrated Valentine’s Day for the FIRST TIME with Gabriel.

February 15: LEAP 2k11 - Facilitated the class on Radio Production with Kat. Externals committee represent! Our speaker was DJ Pat Jamlang from Magic 89.9

February 18: Univ Week celebration. Haunted Hall with the gang.

February 20: Kobe’s Christening.

February 26: San Beda College of Law Admission Test.


March 3: 3rd Anniversary! Tulips :> 

March 9: Aubrey’s Birthday. Went to Mendiola to surprise her.

March 17: Clar and Billy’s 3rd Anniversary!

March 21: Overnight at Mar’s condo with the condo girls for her birthday celeb.

March 25: Thesis defense!


April 1: Last day of OJT.

April 16: Badminton with Mar & Catie! Nuxx, healthy living! NAT :)) We even went to Manila Zoo. Headed to Mar’s condo to shower then watched The Roommate.

April 18: Grade Consultation with Tin! :)

April 26: Start of Summer Classes.

April 29: Bonding with St. James. Watched the boys play ball.


May 3: 38 Month. Met Tita Ria and Risa <3

May 12: Sent my resume to DLSU Centennial Office.

May 16: Interview.

May 20: Last day of Summer Classes! Birthday salubong with Justin, Clar, Kat, Macky, Aj, and Eyze. Banchetto! :)

May 21: My Birthday! Celebration with my HS loves.

May 23: HIRED! :)


June 1: First day at work :D

June 3: Met my one and only bebegurl, Pat! FINALLYYYY :D

June 9: Got my new phone.

June 12: Paglipad ng Anghel screening, Chicken all you can date with G.

June 16: DLSU’s Centennial Celebration. Got my first ever paycheck.

June 22: Graduation rehearsal. Claiming of toga, Baccalaureate Mass, Class picture taking, Rehearsal and claming of E-Tickets. Dinner at Persia Grill.

June 23: Chicken all you can Part 2. 

June 25: GRADUATION DAY. PICC. Lunch with the fam bam at Max’s. Tagaytay with college buds, Yvette’s birthday celeb! Coffee & “Sprite” FTW!

June 30: RP with Ja. Bought our Azkals shirts.


July 1: Papa John’s with Pat. Visited Daddy. Bonding day with Momma.

July 2: Gio’s 19th!

July 3: Watched the match between Azkals & Sri Lanka (World Cup Qualifiers) at Rizal Memorial Stadium with Ja, Ching, Mar, Clar, and Billy. Raincoat fail!

July 9: Clar’s Birthday! Cable Car with BT.

July 15: ChicBoy with Ja and Ching. My treat! Non-stop kwentuhan :)

July 16: Starbucks date with Maui.

July 16-17: FAIL DAY. Ja’s car got hit by a truck, roadtrip to MMDA’s main office, got lost in the road while looking for Tides Pasig, Banchetto, green shit :| =))

July 23: NBA All Stars vs. PBA All Stars. Saw Jhen for the first time :)


August 2: Tin’s Birthday :)

July 3: 41st Month. Captain America. Dinner. “You’re my little butterfly, green, black, and blue are the colors of the sky” =))

August 6: Westlife Appreciation Night with Maui, JK, and Keith. Sleep over! :>

August 13: Awesome night with St. James family! New “hideout” :))


August 25: Taft Day! Rice with Justin, Mar, and Clar. ChocTea. FIC :D

August 27: Date with Tin. Banapple + The Smurfs!!! :) Reggielyn’s Birthday! Went to Quiapo Church to hear mass :)

August 28: DLSU vs. ADMU with Pat. Saw Karla Aguas for the first time and I fell in love with her. She’s too perfect for my lifeeeee. :“>

August 29: Showtime with St. James fam!

August 30: E and G bonding day! :> That awesome moment when your boyfriend shows up at your doorstep with a box of pizza <3


September 2: MoA with Mahals (Jhen) and Roden

September 3: Happy Birthday Dara! Fun night with baby boys and baby girls :> 42nd Month.

September 4: Mom’s Birthday! Dinner at Pizza Hut, my treat :)

September 10: Lunch with the Urdanetas at Lola Maria’s at The Legend Villas.

September 11: Dad’s Fourth Death Anniversary.

September 12: McDo Taft’s re-opening.

September 15: Bonding with Ja, Mar, and Clar! KFC Delivery. Mashed potato =))

September 17: Yakimix with the girls! :D

September 26: BT Bonding on a Monday night! :> Pizza feast c/o Nesa. Twitter 101.


October 1: BonChon with Gio. New shoes! :> Milo’s birthday celebration. Hello Letran Friends! :)

October 3: 43rd Month! E and G Bonding Day :)

October 4: Lunch at Papa John’s with Gio. Watched No Other Woman with Justin.

October 8: Sleep over at Mar’s! Movie marathon. Spicy tuna :>

October 14: Bonding with "Secret Group” at my place :D

October 17: Accompanied Gio for his interview at Hard Rock, Glorietta 3. Went to GH for Happy Lemon and to buy a gift for Kobe.

October 18: Kobe’s First Birthday at Dad’s Ortigas.

October 19: Gio’s First Day at Hard Rock for his OJT. Lunch at Flaming Wings.

October 22: BT’s Halloween Party at Discovery Suites, Ortigas. Epic night! Roamed around Eastwood with our costumes on :D

October 24: Basill’s birthday treat! Yellow Cab :)

October 28: MoA with Justin & Ching. GSI reunited! We watched Paranormal Activity 3, went to GH for Happy Lemon, waited for Gio at Glorietta.


November 3: Sleep over at Ja’s place. Brownies. “Smells like India” =)) 44th Month. Sticker collection for the 2012 planner begins.

November 6 - Pinoy Parawhores’ 1st Anniversary celebration.

November 11: 11.11.11 fail with BT. =)) Aj’s condo. Road trip to Cavite =))

November 19: Overnight at Ate Jana’s place with Aubrey and Judielle :)

November 25: Flaming wings with Ja. Testpaper FTW =))

November 26: Jel’s Birthday Celebration at 7th High. Jamba Juice. Mercato.

November 27: Breakfast at McDonald’s Taft with G.

November 30: An awesome way to end the month! MoA with Ja, Ching, Mar, Clar, Macky, and Nesa. El Pollo Loco. Starbucks. Stickers!!! :) Ja’s BMW :>


December 3: ATC with Gio! Late lunch at Shakey’s, Breaking Dawn, Timezone Photobooth! I also got my Starbucks 2012 planner! :D

December 6: Got my yearbook.

December: Centennial Christmas Party!

December 8: Macky’s Birthday! Center Stage with BT! Overnight at Ja’s place. So Happy Together! :)

December 16: World Trade Center with Clar and Catie. Arriba Fest. 

December 17: Rice’s 20th at Tides Pasig.

December 18: Reunion with the Urdaneta Clan at Los Banos, Laguna.

December 22: Christmas lunch/“meeting” with officemates.

December 23: Overnight at Jan Lew’s place! :)

December 25: Christmas with the family! Went to ATC with G. New floral oxfords!

December 26: Visited Dad with Jan Lew. Welcome Back, Terence! Christmas get together with HS loves. 

December 27: Tita Ria’s House Blessing.

December 28-31: World Universities Debate Championship.

December 30: Super random night with Pot, JK, Jerome, and Brian :)

December 31: New Year’s Eve dinner with the family! :)

So….. that’s it! My 2011 was quite good, I must say. Bring it on, 2012! Please be better than 2011. 

I don’t know why you’re telling me this, anon. Seriously. Well maybe we can say that she’s proud to be Nico’s girlfriend, but I think she’s more than that. As I can see, Karla is really nice and sweet, and that’s who she is. I know that I’m not really in the position to “defend” her because we don’t know each other personally, but I think this is the right thing to do. Can we just let her and Nico be happy? :)