Happy Belated New Year!! 2015

Gosh it’s been super busy.You can tell by my late posting.

It’s rainy and Kaworu and Shinji are lying in bed enjoying the warmth of the bed and the rain.

He made Shinji happy.

I may post more details later, gotta go now !



The little Princess

This is by far one of the best Kawoshin videos I have seen, and I felt the need to share it.

hi! these are some people that i really like on tumblr! (if i missed you and we’re friends im sorry feel free to call me trash) some of you are mutuals and some are just super super great people i don’t have the guts to talk to! have a happy new year!



midnight can’t be spent alone when you’ve got memories: a new year mix

pop the fuckin’ bottles, kiss your girl, and start crying. be dramatic. be incredible. dance. chase after cars. remember the good things. forget the day your favourite band broke up. scream into the new air.

01. death valley - fall out boy // 02. you’re gonna go far kid - offspring // 03. heaven help us - my chemical romance // 04. chasing the sun - sara bareilles // 05. guren no yumiya - linked horizon // 06. ode to sleep - twenty one pilots // 07. counting stars - one republic // 08. some nights - fun. // 09. far too young to die - panic at the disco




Making of ‘Choking Kiss’

In a sense this is my art Commission example.

If you are interested in commissioning a Kawoshin piece or something else, send me an email at mkotsoni@pratt.edu  titled Commision Request.

Please , reblog this even if you are not currently interested, this will be greatly appreciated. It will be my first commission and I want the experience.