karls wedding

in this fic: Tiz and Agnès badly fail at impulse control.

Past dusk was when Tiz and Agnès finally made their way back to Caldisla’s inn, where they were staying for the last night, but Karl was not surprised by this. With Tiz having helped save the world again, and Agnès having been involved in talks with the king of Caldisla, and their friends setting off for Eternia on the way to their own homes, he imagined they had plenty keeping themselves busy.

But his eyebrows did rise at seeing the two of them walk in with linked hands and a slow gait, the pair constantly looking at each other and only occasionally at where they were going. Between both of them they were avoiding any mishaps, but they weren’t avoiding painting a very open picture of intimacy. Perhaps they had distracted each other from turning in sooner, Karl thought, and cleared his throat to get their attention. They nearly jumped; Karl’s mouth twitched as he fought not to smile at how absorbed they’d been. “…Do you two want dinner? There’s still leftovers.”

“Thank you, Karl. That would be wonderful,” Agnès said, beaming, but Tiz…

Tiz looked once at Karl, and then seemed to get embarrassed, ducking his gaze. The old innkeeper wrinkled his brow. That was a strange reaction. Well, he knew the lad could be easily flustered sometimes. Perhaps he had become embarrassed to realize his feelings were on display.

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