Damn it man, I’m a multifaceted character, not just comic relief!


“I always thought about it more like it was the dialectic of a human being,” Pine says. “One couldn’t be more logic and reason – that’s his genetic coding. And the other is more impulsive, following his passion, his fists. That was how it was a functional relationship. You have Spock as the cold reason, you had the passion of Jim Kirk, and then you had the ironic sarcasm of McCoy, which gave the whole thing levity. That dynamic was beautiful.” [x]

ex astris, scientia.

Leonard McCoy is a southern gentleman and a top medical man… he’s kind of the third. Traditionally, there’s a triumvirate at the center of Star Trek, and it’s Spock, Kirk and Bones, and he’s just a beloved character. Deeply loyal, deeply brave… he’s kind of the other woman to Kirk, really, there’s a sweetness in that. I hope they play that more. Because Bones doesn’t have much patience for Spock, you know, Bones in a way is an even more emotional person than Kirk, I think he’s much more pragmatic.
—  Simon Pegg [x]
I would just love to beam somewhere. I haven’t transported anywhere yet and would love to do that. And, most importantly, I would like to see the solidification of the triumvirate. I always really enjoy those scenes where Bones and Spock and Kirk get to debate whatever the issue is, and I certainly hope that, on a forward-going basis, we get to see more of that. And I would really like to see more of the friendship between Bones and Kirk.
—  Karl Urban talks to StarTrek.com about what he’d like to see for Bones in the next Star Trek film [x]