I have been a huge fan of karl Mackies photography for a while now, his work forming the basis of my inspiration for my previous shoot with otter surfboards. I have decided to look at his work a second time and post it here in prep for my shoot tomorrow down at Gylly beach, Falmouth ….Part of my project is to capture isolation and for me i was instantly drawn back to the sea and thinking about the possibilities to shoot there…when i really thought about it Isolation is a key aspect of a ‘first light’ surf and surfing in general …although you are part of a community you are also isolated to yourself and your board when in the water as a very personal thing and so i thought it would be an interesting angle to approach this section of my project.

I have decided to take this shoot a bit further and have managed to get hold of an underwater 35mm film camera to capture the paddle out and to remove worry when shooting down at the shoreline….pretty excited to get shooting! 

After beginning research for ‘The person at work‘ brief, i have become really interested in the work of local surfboard shapers in and around cornwall to become part of my project. Therefore prior to heading out on this shoot i wanted to build up a body of visual research to aid me in my shoot and serve as initial inspiration.

KARL MACKIE (Mackie studio)

I have been a fan of Karl Mackie’s photography for a while now and so its been great to be able to look at his work for inspiration, specifically his work focused to lifestyle as these photos take on a more journalistic approach. Studying Mackie’s work will also be useful as, for this brief, i will be using 35mm film and Mackie works predominently using film, providing a technical link as well as a link of theme and occupation.

I am in the midst of trying to contact a few board shapers around cornwall and so will have to put this shoot on hold till i have been in contact ,although being optimistic, i thought it a good idea to start early research and gain inspiration for when and if the opportunity arises!