karlita sanchez


These guys. I was on my way for the first time EVER in my ENTIRE LIFE to visit my very first Lavendar Farm. And I made my chauffeur stop so I could take pictures of this little corral full of miniature horses we happened upon along our way♥♥ They were totally minding their own business and just noming away at their grass, until I came along to take pictures of them. As soon as each one of them realized, they all trotted up to me and posed and I got sooo many adorable pictures of them. I just had to stop at some point. But I didn’t feel like I took enough. MINIATURE HORSES!!!!! Need I say more?


Ziggy found a nest of baby quails today, apparently. He brought this guy over to the patio for me to see. I think he was impressed by their twinsie coloring/stripes♥ The rest of my household called him a terrorist and took THE FIRST BIRD HE HAS EVER BROUGHT ME back to its nest. Because it was totally still alive and kicking, just like the other ones in the nest - although he was toootally accused of eating them. He was literally just fucking with it. I choose to believe the baby bird was accepted by its mother and will just be a more interesting quail due to his traumatic experience.


Boo Jangles, aka Baby Bunny Boo Bear von Derpstein / Derping von Boo / Derp Derp. This little wiener belongs to my sea-star. She used to be my nemesis because she was forever shitting on the floor due to her codependency and anxiety issues.. It’s disgusting how much I love this ridiculous critter now, with her cute lil’ Terminator-Eye♥ When I take her on road trips she’s happiest riding shotgun and complains when bitches take her spot so she has to sit on somebody’s lap XD


Tonight, I hiked down to the bay with two very dear friends. We sat on the beach and waited for the sun to set. Soon as the light faded away and the stars began to peek out, we waded into the ocean and splashed around… And watched the water explode with itty bitty fireworks of bioluminescent algae, sparkling like stars in our wake.

Also I saw Jurassic World in 3D earlier and that was pretty epic too, especially for my first 3D film. Two bucket list items experienced today, chicka chicka yeah.