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I lifted these two questions and answers from the InStyle online preview because how they were handled in context (would you believe with all the attention on the quote I just now read the article?) is just so “Karlie as beard” I can’t believe it. So here is the excerpt (x):

It’s important to have constants in all this, right? How do you manage a relationship with all your travel and everything else? [Kloss dates venture capitalist and health-care entrepreneur Joshua Kushner.]
You make it work. We’ve been together almost five years. Time flies. It’s crazy. He’s a super-solid dude.

Is it nice to know someone’s there?
Yeah. I’ve always been super-close with my family. They are my rock. There’s so much uncertainty in every direction, like, “Are you gonna get this job?” So having a solid crew, whether it’s your family or a partner, that’s a big part of being able to function.

So, why is this textbook Karlie as beard? 

Question 1: if you change “almost five years” to just “a few years” and drop “super-solid dude” she could literally be talking about anyone on the planet. Including her actual girl. The writer injected the info about who that was. Which means Karlie never mentioned him. 

Question 2: The writer clearly intended for this to be a follow up to question 1. The “someone” that the writer refers to is Josh. But the answer is her tried and true “my family.” And then she refers to her partner. I have literally never heard a straight person call their bf/gf/fiancé(e)/husband/wife their partner. That term is almost entirely used by straights who aren’t comfortable with gays who are married or gays who aren’t out yet to gender neutralize discussion of love interests. Or, you know, lawyers who are trying to make partner in the firm.

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the blind has nothing to do with Karlie or kaylor seriously, it tells you Taylor is pondering a possible coming out. She's doing it alone because she is not with anyone at the moment

Just because the blind doesn’t mention Karlie doesn’t mean she isn’t a factor. I’ve seen nothing to support the theory the girls have split.

Taylor may come out without a public love interest. She may out herself without revealing her relationship too. That’s her right.

There are any number of reasons the blind may have omitted Karlie, but most Kaylor supporters believe the girls are still together. Their long term relationship is Taylor’s primary motivation to come out. If you’re single or casually dating, and your career is at a high, there’s not much impetus to risk it with a coming out.

KStew, Cara D, Lauren Jauregui, Ellen DeGeneres … None of them kicked open that closet door while single. Think about it.

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We don't have a Kaylor moment since December. Since Karlie posted that video on the 13th, then nothing. It's hard to say today whether they're still together or not. I always thought that the day we would have seen little Karlie on social, well, perhaps it's because she hides too. I don't care what she posted yesterday because it was her job. We just have to wait for the birthday of one of their best friends with a party to see if they are still together. Or worse, we have to wait on July 4th

It’s almost like everyone has never faced a drought before. Everyone keeps saying maybe they broke up because they’ve gone so long without SM interaction. I missed the part where everyone had decided a relationship wasn’t real unless it was blasted on SM. Hell, we all side eyed how SM heavy Tayvin was. Taylor is staying out of public view. She’s appeared ONLY to support her friends’ singles and other than a brief mention from Karlie in a recent interview with Derek, Ed’s the only one who’s mentioned her I believe because he had an album to promote. 

So yeah, they’re staying low and we MIGHT get something on the fourth but we might not. As much as Taylor wants to stay low it’s equally as important for Karlie to keep the attention on her brand rather than allow any of it to turn to her personal life beyond her family right now. Let Karlie have her time to do her thing and kill it and let Taylor get some R&R and work on whatever comes next for her. If you all want to flip when Taylor is in the public eye again you /might/ have cause but really this is still better than the worst points of 2015.

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You know what I just realized. When Taylor and Karlie mentioned at the very beginning that a lot of people repeatedly said they should meet because they were so much alike? They were all trying to get them together because they knew the girls were gay. It makes so much sense now! In all my life I've never recommended a friendship to anyone, it seems invading and a lot more personal than introducing someone as a potential love interest. Why didn't I see it before?

They played it well, the “you would be best friends” angle. It helped explain how they got so close so fast in a hetero friendly way. But yes, I am quite sure that those people were trying to set them up. 🏳️‍🌈


Promo time again!

Although this time is a bit more indirect… Karlie mentions Josh on her instagram story and the if you click on his profile, which is public again, the last photo he has published it is one about Oscar Health… including an easy Karlie reference “the future is female”… I mean…
This time they have thought about time a bit more, but it’s still obvious 😉

everything you know is wrong

thanks to a wonderful submission from kaeliekloss, it has come to my attention that in the december 2012/january 2013 issue of teen vogue, there is a short section which focuses on karlie kloss and joan smalls mentioning people they would have liked to interview while hosting MTV’s House of Style. in this short section, karlie mentions taylor:

but wait a minute – this is 2012, and taylor wasn’t at the met gala in 2012, so it’s not possible that introduction and conversation took place at the 2012 gala. they were, however, both present at the 2011 met gala:

then, in february 2012, as we all know, during taylor’s first cover story of Vogue, she was quoted saying, “I love Karlie Kloss… I want to bake cookies with her.” 

it seems as though, according to karlie herself, that taylor and karlie had met each other briefly and the baking of the cookies became a joke between them. why then do they insist they met at the 2013 victoria’s secret fashion show?

this just makes me think of all the potential kaylor interactions and secrets we will never know about. it seems as if they had actually met in 2011 and yet this is never mentioned, and through all my kaylor-researching, i’ve never found any other indication that they had met previous to VSFS 2013. our girls are sneaky.

i wonder who introduced them?

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I just got the longest realization on Kaylor EVER

I'v just realized that Taylor’s interviews are quite telling. It’s no coincidence that: (a) she always said she had no time for a boyfriend last year, and that (b) she only mentions Karlie when necessary. 

I just watched the Barbara Walters interview (this part was cut from the original uploaded footage), and I found it weird that when Barbara asked about Taylor on her ‘good girl image’, she answered that she does drink. Taylor mentioned here the Knicks game, but that’s it. She didn’t expound on that, or say that Karlie was with her. No mention at all. What’s even weirder for me is that when Barbara then asked on love, she referred to Taylor as a “beautiful, young woman” instead of just referring to Taylor as “single”, I think dear old Barbara knew something we don’t (or at least she suspected something). Ending that interview with Taylor’s song 'Welcome to New York’ was not definitely not a thoughtless decision. In fact, including the stanza on “boys and boys, girls and girls” was kind of tongue in cheek. Taylor confirmed on The Talk that it was gay marriage in New York and the sexuality of some of her friends that inspired her to write this song. In that same interview (The Talk), she says that sexuality and choosing who you love should not be a big deal.

Now when I said that Taylor only mentioned Karlie when necessary was: (a)when Taylor talked about Karlie as part of some activity they’ve done together in the past, (b)when Taylor was directly asked about her 'BFF’ Karlie, and ©when Taylor talked about her as part of her 'Squad’ of girlfriends. She did (a) and (b) to show that Karlie is no more than her usual BFF, in fact, Taylor’s answers are almost always the same–it’s like she keeps them repetitive so the media would stop asking altogether! For © I think it’s also like (a) and (b), it’s not like she can avoid talking about Karlie in that regard, it would be weird to avoid talking about your 'BFF’. I think from the start, Taylor was always very intentional with the way she spoke about Karlie, so her not mentioning Karlie during her acceptance speech in one of her awards was definitely NOT an accident. It’s like she wants the media attention on Kaylor to remain the same as that with her other friendships. In making her 'friendship’ with Karlie look normal, she kills all the possible media scrutiny on her 'friendship’ with Karlie. Because there’s nothing to see anyway, right? 

In 2DayFM and The Talk, Taylor also said that it was her close friends in the music industry who heard her albums first. In particular, Lorde and Ed Sheeran. However, in the Vogue BFF Video with Karlie, during 'The Talking Contest’, Taylor mentioned that it was Karlie who heard the album before everyone else. And she did this while talking very fast so she just blurted it out, which means it’s probably true. This, at the very least, proved that they are real & close friends (so none of that bullshit PR friends is true). This also kind of confirmed that the tweets of Karlie during the night of the release was not just a promo, but was also done to 'show’ to the public that she was just one of the 'BFFs’ who did not get to hear the album earlier, although we know now that Karlie heard it first because of the Vogue BFF Vid. I guess it was done to make their 'friendship’ look normal.

If I’m just delusional, and all my observations above are false, then Kaylor really are just friends with good chemistry. I almost believed this but then I watched Taylor’s Radio 1 interview of October last year. In the interview, she said that she was never a “puppet”. She also said that when she hangs out with her friends, they’d go out if they want to be pap’d, but stay in if they don’t. Both statements imply that Taylor knows how the media and PR works. The last statement also implies that Kaylor may have been hanging out these past drought months without the paps knowing. This makes Talvin look even more suspicious to me right now, because her going out publicly with him goes against her statement that she’d be protective of her next relationship (unless it’s something else she’s protecting).

And let’s not forget that during the 1975 Concert, Taylor was hanging all over Karlie. I don’t think it was a coincidence that Taylor was kind of buzzed, and that Karlie’s 'bf’ also happened to be there. It also doesn’t make sense that Karlie spent the whole night hanging out with Taylor rather than with her bf. Do I even have to explain that? The hasty denial from Taylor’s team, and then later Taylor’s tweet (#thirsty) was just too obvious. Taylor never denied media speculation before with Lorde and Ed Sheeran (she just continued hanging out with them as usual and let that speak on her behalf), yet there she was, she practically made a statement. If Karlie was just one of the 'usual’ BFFs why didn’t she just dispel the rumors by doing the same things she had done with Ed and Lorde and let it be?

At this point, I think that Kaylor has something going on, and Taylor wants to be very careful with it and protect it, which was hard to do when Kissgate blew up. Therefore, she knew that only by publicly denying it and being pap’d less with Karlie would she ensure that it would stay on the downlow, at least for the mean time.

Lastly, remember last year that Taylor always said she had no time for boyfriends. It’s not because I ship Kaylor that’s why I believe my observations, I ship Kaylor because these observations are more believable than believing that a guy like CH comes in and then Taylor suddenly forgets about everything she’s said and done last year. If you believe CH/TS as true love then you need to re-evaluate yourself as a fan of Taylor Swift. 


It’s not everyday that the person you admire most who just so happens to be the 3rd highest paid model of this year, queen of making cookies, a youtuber with over 500 thousand subscribers, one of TIME magazine’s top 100 for this year with her biography written by THE Diane von Furstenberg and the model who has walked in shows for probably any designer you could name and has had SO many more achievements takes time out of her incredibly hectic schedule, gets her team to contact you and invites you to hang out at her hotel for a while and whilst you’re there she thanks you for all that you do and gives you the best DnM and advice ever!

All of those things I’ve mentioned that Karlie has achieved are absolutely incredible and I’m ever so proud of her but to me Karlie is the girl with the best advice i’ve been given, the most humble sweetheart, one of the biggest dorks you could ever meet, someone who understands my struggles with long limbs and awkwardness, a person with an absolute heart of gold, someone who shares my love for learning, the reason I have so much passion and a girl who shares my love for giraffes and so many more things.

Karlie motherfrickin’ Kloss (I love that this is almost an inside joke of ours now) I am so thankful for all that you do and I’m already grateful and proud for things in the future! You have a heart of gold thats the size of both our arm span and we both know that is HUGE!! 

I can’t wait to see this girl continue to take on the world and absolutely excell at everything! I have her back and now knowing she has mine is something that I’d never thought would happen and I can’t wait for what is to come in the future! December 13th 2016 will forever be the magical day I tell all the kids in the neighbourhood about when I’m 80 years old and I’m beyond thankful for everything, I wish I could just show how thankful I am for this and how much it means to me 💕

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Do you think is possible that Taylor wrote a part of style for karlie? Like Karlie always said that she loved the classic thing and Taylor said that she loved karlie even when they didn't met yet. Sorry if the sentences didn't make sense, I'm not a native English person

Style was written Feb 19th of 2014. Karlie and Taylor officially met in November of 2013, so yes, it is entirely possible that part of Style could have been influenced by Miss Kloss :) 

and here is what Karlie said in a September 2014 interview about Taylor’s lips (but i’m sure Karlie mentioned this to Taylor as a compliment before it ever came up in an interview):

It appears that your cut influenced the celebrity crowd, too—including your friend Taylor Swift. Has she taught you any good beauty tips?
She does a killer red lip. I’ll give that girl credit. She can whip a red lip on like nobody else, and it’s amazing. Even if we’re working out, she’ll have on this gorgeous red lip. She’s not human!