Yo people stop trying to drag Karlie down, she didn’t do anything wrong, she has a contract, she can’t go against him when he’s a part of adidas, she would have if she hadn’t signed the contract before, trust me she’s got Taylor’s back just like Gigi or Jaime, Karlie isn’t the type to be a fake friend or anything. She’s got her back. Stop hating on her, she already must feel bad about herself.

Ruby Rose and Gigi Hadid slam Kanye West's lyrics about Taylor Swift
Taylor's model besties have been tweeting their disapproval of Kayne's lyrics targeting the pop singer.
By Tricia Gilbride

I am reading this article (^^^) from Yahoo’s home page tonight and I noticed I was a cited source. Crazy. They used my photo too and linked to my blog. 😂

According to TayTaysBeard on Tumblr, Kloss edited the image before deleting to change a tag from “yeezyboosts” to the significantly more neutral “adidas.”