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Welcome to the Land of Kaylor/ Gaylor Swift

Are you a new Kaylor/ Gaylor Swiftie? Do you feel like you know NOTHING when people make references to 2014 events? Or like you have SO MANY QUESTIONS but are scared to ask people? Did you just discover Kaylor and don’t know where to start? Or are you someone who’s been quietly blogging but still feels like they have stuff to learn? 

Well, you’ve stumbled upon the right post! I’m going to share with you all the tips, tricks, info and blogs to follow if you’re still getting used to this whole “Taylor Swift isn’t straight” thing. 

Okay, I’ll get into it!

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Something just feels off about Kaylor since before Thanksgiving. Or maybe we have been reading too much into the few photos we’ve had? Taylor and Karlie haven’t been liking each other’s social media as much as they were for awhile. It’s like everything has gone dark and dead. I hope I’m wrong, but I remembered the video of Toni kissing Karlie on Sep 7, 2016 in the same pose as Taylor kissing Karlie on Oct 23, 2016, with Karlie kissing the air in front of her. I’m not saying Toni and Karlie are together, just wondering if we are making too much of the photos of Taylor & Karlie from before Drake’s party. This is a serious ask, I’m not trying to say Kaylor is over or anything else. Only wanting opinions from the rest of the fandom.


I don’t think they’re broken up or even in danger of it. Quite simply as Kristen has stated multiple times and as history shows, Taylor doesn’t do exes. And we know what a break up looks like on them.

It’s possible they may under some stress, both individually with Taylor presumably working on her next album and Karlie trying to steer her brand with an incompetent team, and together as a couple as they try to decide where this next phase of their lives might take them. Do they come out? Glass closet? Can Karlie have the individual success she wants and be out with Taylor or will she just become Mrs. Swift in the public eye? Does Taylor come out alone and then they announce their relationship later? There are many options and discussions they may have had/might have in the future.

Or it could just be after 3 years they are out of the honeymoon stage. There love has matured enough that though they might still want to be, they don’t feel the need to be as publicly demonstrative as they were in 2014.


Cleaning out my closet (SO many good finds)

Uploaded on Jun 6, 2017

I road tripped up to do some closet spring cleaning. I found some serious gems (my Met Gala gown, my beloved orange Uggs) and relived some fond memories like my first Marc Jacob show, and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. There are so many fun things in my closet!

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I'm probably not going to be able to say this in one ask, so I'll number them. I became aware of Kaylor and Taylor being gay sometime before the breakup with Calgon Hubcap, around the time she went Bleachella. Before that, I always thought Taylor looked awkward around guys, but I didn't understand why until I read KaylorNation's masterposts. I fell down the rabbit hole and became a believer quickly. I saw the pics of 2014 Kaylor, and it's obvious they were giddy in love. Then came 2015 ... (1)

which was obviously a Kaylor desert and extremely painful all around. Next was the break-up with HC and the embarrassing stunt with Hiddy. Then it seems like there was a Kaylor renaissance of sorts until the end of October and the Drake party. After that, mostly desert again, even for Taylor’s birthday. Besides the fact Karlie hasn’t let go of Josh even thought the stunt is way past its sell-by date and hurting her image, it seems like something is off with Kaylor. Tay has been MIA … (2)

and Karlie has been globe-trotting, but even when we were getting Kaylor pics last fall (like the Eliot concert and Drake party), it’s not the same exuberant joy they had in 2014. Of course, the relationship would have matured by now, so I understand it may not be as giddy as the first months, and it may never be again. And I blame Kissgate and Taylor’s need to stunt, and I guess I’m in mourning because I don’t think we’ll ever see that kind of pure exuberant Kaylor love again. (3)

I don’t think it’s gone. It may have matured but they’re still very much in love. Remember Taylor did fly straight from her shoot in London to get some time in New York with Karlie. Remember they’re still closeted. Hopefully Karlie will publicly cut Josh loose very soon (Which means it should have been done months ago Kloss. smh). I think Taylor could be slowly preparing the way for a glass closet in the next era. Maybe a coming out. She doesn’t seem like she has many fucks left to give.

My crazy Hiddleswift theory: someone was going to expose Tom and Luke for being a couple and/or married. That’s why his mum and both sisters came out to stunt with them, to try and sell that he was with Taylor and in love. Except they sold it a little too hard and too soon. Tom’s sister lives in India (the one with the daughter) and apparently doesn’t come to England often so it was a big deal for her to be there.

But it’s more likely that it was meant to look fake from the start so Taylor could glass closet with Karlie.


An Interesting Submission 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻

This is a cute Kaylor one-shot.  Karlie and Taylor are out at an after-party, and Karlie gets wasted, and she doesn’t mean to, but she becomes every kind of drunk imaginable and practically outs them.

“This is wonderful!” Karlie sipped on the sangria that the waiter brought over and did her usual elegant.  Somewhere between her “boyfriend” slipping off with their original waiter and her seeing Taylor walk in with some blonde boy she had never seen before, she had decided she needed a drink. 

On a normal night, she might consider a shot of Patron, but tonight, she thought it best to just sip on whatever sweet wine was available.  Tonight, it was sangria.  She and Taylor had a deal; she would always tell Taylor when Josh would be at an event, and she would always tell Karlie when she was bringing a guy. 

Her Blackberry, which had lost service in the room, started vibrating like crazy in her bag.  She looked down at it.  “Brought my gay male cover.  Relax.  Tree found him for me.  He will be out of our way.” The message from Taylor read.  Karlie nodded and set the phone down.  Now she tells me.  She thought, forgetting that her phone had lost service before. 

“Hey,” Taylor sat down next to Karlie and quickly drank the sangria.  Karlie looked at her wide eyed.  “My ‘date’ is driving me insane,” she slipped off her shoe skillfully and rubbed her foot against Karlie’s ankle. 

“In public?” Karlie whispered to her, hinting at the gesture. 

“In public.” Taylor confirmed just loudly enough for Karlie to hear.  “I need to feel you just a little bit, and literally under the table will do.” She scooted their chairs closer and they continued talking about the awards show they had just watched. 

It had been, overall, fairly boring.  “So who is the new guy?” Karlie asked, changing the subject. 

“Just some rich kid working in business.  I am sure Josh will just love him.” Taylor winked. 

“We can be partners, our ‘boyfriends’ can be partners,” Karlie giggled. 

“Not a bad idea.” Taylor smirked. 

“While we are closeted.” Karlie ordered a bottle of the sangria for the table and rested her hand on Taylor’s bare knee.  “We can’t live in a closet forever,” she gave Taylor one of her gorgeous looks and Taylor nodded.

“I know,” she covered Karlie’s hand with hers and pressed her lips together.  “I just wish there were guarantees about my career.” She said honestly. 

“Me too.” Karlie nodded. 

“I love you,” Taylor whispered. 

“I love you too.” Karlie replied, just gazing into those crystal blue eyes. 

“Shots! Shots! Shots!” A group of guys began passing out shots of vodka to everyone, and Karlie took one. 

“Oh that was awful!” Her face cracked Taylor up. 

“Next ones are on me!” Another guy shouted, grabbing more.  “Let’s get these girls smashed!” He laughed and brought over some whiskey shots. 

“Oh no!” Karlie shook her head, but he handed her one anyway. 

“You can’t turn it down!!!  It is a cheers!!!” The guy clanked his shot against hers and they both laughed and downed them. 

“Wow…Maybe you should slow down Hon,” Taylor gave her a worried glance. 

“Let’s party!” She laughed, grabbing more champagne from the waiter for them. 

“I think that isn’t wise.  Should you be mixing alcohols?” Taylor asked concerned. 

“You sound like such a mom right now, and it’s a turn off.” Karlie’s eyebrows went up and Taylor just shook her head and hushed.  Tonight, she would let Karlie get trashed. 

Karlie downed the champagne and then smiled.  “The room spins!” She smirked. 

Taylor nodded.  “Oh baby,” she smiled.  “Look at those guys with the cameras.  Let’s have them take our pictures.  We should kiss!” She puckered her lips, but Taylor just let her lean against her as she got her head back together.  Thankfully only one of the guys walked over, and he got a halfway decent picture of them. 

“Let’s dance!” Karlie practically picked up Taylor and took her to the dance floor.  The song was one that they were able to awkwardly dance to, but it soon changed to a slow song and Karlie made Taylor slow dance with her.  The photographers went mad.  “Ashamed?” She asked Taylor, as Taylor buried her face into Karlie’s shoulder. 

“No,” Taylor slowed her down.  “I think my bff getting drunk is a decent enough story to tell the publications tomorrow so there will be no rumours.” 

“Is that what you want for forever?” Karlie asked, her eyes serious for the first time since she had alcohol in her. 

“We will come out, but tonight, while you are wasted and people won’t take it seriously, that is not the time.” Taylor replied, taking her hand and leading her back to their seats, which had been taken over by a group of partying guys. 

“One seat left.” Taylor showed Karlie to it, and Karlie pulled her down onto her lap. 

“Think this will cause rumours?” Karlie joked. 

“At this point,” Taylor shrugged.  “I give up.”

Karlie laughed.  “Shots for the table!!!” She shouted, and the boys cheered. 

Taylor shook her head and walked a few steps away from Karlie, who was now on the table handing out the shots to the guys.  It was a good thing she was in a pant suit, because had she been in a dress, the entire party would have been able to see up it.  She laid back and set the shot on her stomach, which she lifted her shirt just a little to show off her abs.  “Who will take the shot?” She asked, playing her eyebrow game with the boys. 

“I will,” Taylor approached her, putting those red lips around the shot glass and taking it off her girlfriend’s stomach like a pro.  This was a moment that the entire room got on camera and in pictures. 

“Very well done!” Sam Smith applauded from the back of the crowd, finally breaking the silence.  “Look at that folks!  America’s sweetheart can take a shot!” The room applauded and cheered, and Taylor sat down and grabbed an extra chair.  

Karlie started to get the spins.  “Let’s sing,” she began, but before she could get ahold of a microphone, Taylor pulled her down.  One of the waiters came by with a whipped cream pie of sorts, and Karlie grabbed it off the tray.  “Whipped cream fight!” She grabbed a handful and tossed it at Taylor, and the singer looked at her shocked. 

“You are getting it!” She grabbed a pie too and joined in, and before they knew it, the entire room was having a whipped cream fight. 

They snuck off together to a private back room, and Karlie looked down at Tay with so much love in her eyes.  “We are covered in whipped cream, at the after-party of the year, and my head just keeps on playing, in sync with my heart, how much I love you and how lucky I am.” She held Taylor to her and Taylor sat her down.  “I need to lie down.” Karlie passed out in Taylor’s lap, and the singer let out a sigh and let the girl sleep, her eyes gazing down at her lovingly too. 

Taylor reached for her phone.  “Brian,” she said into it.  “Karlie is wasted and I am going to need Tree on damage control because tonight pretty much, um, yeah…”

“I will be there to get you both in just a minute.” He walked right through the crowd and carried Karlie out to the black SUV, laying her back in Taylor’s lap. 

The next morning, Karlie woke up in her panties and a white t-shirt in Taylor’s bed.  “How did I get here?” She asked. 

Taylor stood looking out the window holding her coffee in one hand, a long white robe on, her hair pulled back.  “You were wasted, and Brian carried you.” Taylor replied. 

“Oh God,” Karlie shook her head.  “What did I do?”

“Nothing too bad,” Taylor set her coffee down and straddled her girlfriend.  “Head hurt?” She asked, massaging into Karlie’s neck and shoulders. 

“Badly,” Karlie admitted. 

“I took a shot of your stomach,” Taylor stated. 

“Really?” Karlie beamed. 

“Really.  Those are some shiny abs my lady,” Taylor gently ran her fingers over them and Karlie blushed just a bit. 

“What else happened?” She asked. 

“You tried to karaoke, and we slow danced, and there was the whipped cream fight,” she explained. 

“Wow,” Karlie nodded.  “I started all of that?” She asked. 

“You were the queen of the night.” Taylor kissed her, and she lit up just like the sunshine that she is. 

“Oh good!” Tree walked in.  “So I just got through all the tabloids.  You are set in stone the two most fun celebrities to party with!”

Taylor beamed.  “Nice!  What pictures were posted?” She quickly asked. 

“Just a few of the whipped cream fight, although a video of that shot being taken was posted on youtube.  I immediately had people on it calling it a dare from one of the guys.”

Taylor nodded.  “Thank you.  Good work.” She gave Tree a loving yet dismissive glance and Tree shut the door behind her. 

“Will we ever tell the world?” Karlie asked, bringing Taylor to lie down with her. 

“When both our careers calm down,” Taylor began. 

“I would like to a just a bit sooner,” Karlie began.  “There are some things I would like to savour with your hand in mine, publicly, truly.”

Taylor melted and nodded.  “We will figure something out.  Let’s not rush into the coming out thing.”

“Speaking of,” Karlie bit her bottom lip.  “Did Josh get home?”

“Yes…” Taylor could only nod and Karlie smiled. 

“Good.” She kissed her again. 

“I love you Karlie Kloss.” She played with her hair, which had just a little whipped cream in it still.

“I love you too Taylor Swift.” She stroked her cheek. 

And they cuddled like that for as long as they could. 

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Why can't she just stay "single" for a while? I don't get why she would want to start stunting with Zac, 3 guys in a year is too much for the gp to handle. She worked so hard to get rid of her man eating, serial dater image, now she's gonna fall right back into it if she's seen with yet another guy this year. Tree should be fired if she lets her go ahead with this at a time when she's so overexposed, she should lay low and start glass closeting with karlie again, not getting into another stunt

She 👏 is 👏 trying 👏 to 👏 make 👏 it 👏 obvious 👏 that 👏 she 👏 is 👏 fucking 👏 gay 👏

Tree knows what she is doing, this is a strategy. 

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Can people stop sexualising Taylor's relationship with Karlie??? It's getting weird because she calls her best friend and Karlie said she was like a sister to her. Shipping is fun but I see posts left and right trying to prove kaylor is real. I've seen somebody saying that ofc she's gonna deny she was making out with Karlie because shes closeted like wtf???

it got weird a long ass time ago tbh

but i feel this it’s getting a bit out of hand and people are really starting to step over boundaries, like karlie actually has a boyfriend and i’ve seen people commenting rude stuff on her instagram about him and i’m just like stop

ship people together if you want, but for the love of god please respect their real life relationships