classystarman  asked:

2,9, 21, 28

2. first anime crush

Lelouch Lamperouge lmao

9. favorite anime child

Kiki 8″) honorable mention for every digimon kid

21. anime that made you cry, when

recently Gunbuster at “welcome home” ;_;

28. most upsetting moment in anime, why

Haiji deleting Goto’s texts in Samflam HONESTLY……. for spoilery reasons

midnightsuite  asked:

imagine samurai flamenco warrior cats au

omg it’s honestly hard to translate samflam to the warriors universe

everyone’s more like weird house cats

I want Masayoshi to be an orange tabby but that’s not really “model” material is it… anyway he really liked the Krypto cartoon

Goto is a russian blue maybe, hisses a lot but has a soft side

Mari is a persian no question, loves to use her claws

this is just a furry au GOODBYE