To all you 'Tumblr Famous' people.

You can go all suck my big toe. You are all as fake as my imaginary dick. All of you say this, say that. Promise this, promise that - but never really come through with it. So, if it was all up to me; I would shut down all of your accounts so that way you will all be forced to start all over. I’m really just sick and tired of all of you. You all think that you’re the shit and run this site, when in reality; we don’t think that. Every body is equal on this site, so act like it.


Gahh, asdfghjkl.
I love this kidd and this is my favorite video ♥

To all of you who don't like my post about the 'Tumblr Famous' people.

A) Why are you on my page? B) Why are you reblogging it? C) Does your opinion really matter on whether it’s sad or whatever? D) Just don’t put your input or reblog it if you think it’s pointless. Easy as that.

This is seriously;

The loneliest I have ever felt. And; I’ve felt pretty lonely in my years before. But never this lonely.
I seriously feel a hole, a echo in my chest. Something is missing but I don’t want to find out what. If I don’t know right now; why bother figuring out what I am missing?
I just want this feeling to go away. I hate feeling like this. Someone please come and save me before I get sucked in by my own epmty hollow echo in my chest.

Dear Ben Breedlove,

I know I’m a little late on all of this but I just want you to know that I just watched your video last night. And, you cannot believe how proud I am of you making it as far as you did. You must be the strongest 18-year old I’d have to know about, well because of course I did not know - but I would have done anything to get the opportunity to meet you. Than I’d have the honors to say you are the strongest 18-year old I have ever had the chance to meet.

Thanks to you I appreciate life more than I did before, which to tell you the truth - I didn’t really appreciate life that much. I kind of took almost everything to granted. But now I appreciate the little things and appreciate all the good things that are going for me. Thanks to you - my perspective on life changed.
My life, compared to what you had to go through, is nothing. You had to live with the worry of ever passing out or having to go to the ER. Me, I’ve just had a couple rough times - with my parents divorcing, to a friend passing away, to a family member passing away. The worst that has happened is a family member of mine passing away. I live with the pain everyday but I don’t think about it everyday. I bet for you - you had to wake up with the thought that you had made it to the next morning. Thanking God that you had woke up that morning. I mean, I thank that I get the opportunity to live another day. But to you -  to you it was a bigger deal than it could ever be for me. EVER.

Even though I had only heard about you and what happened to you and your family last night - I bawled my eyes out when I watched your video. Your video touched my heart. It gave me the chance to actually think about my life and that I should appreciate it more. I am very proud of you - that you had cheated death 3 times already when you were only 18.

You have touched millions of people hearts and have changed their life. We all just wish you could be here to witness it. You really are something special and inspirational. Believe me. We all love you and miss you.

I bawled my eyes out when I got to the part of you passing out and entering a white room. After you mentioning that Kid Cudi was in your dream with you, then your favorite song started playing and he told you to ‘Go now’ that’s when I knew that he was your angel - even though he is still alive. Since you loved him and his music a lot - when you were not breathing, he was your inspiration and angel telling you that you had more time to live even though you wanted to stay there with him and never waken. You did though, for a good reason. To live just a bit more. You deserved to live longer than that - but things happen for a reason.

We all wish you could have cheated death that day on Christmas too, or I think it’s just me. Any who, I believe that if you could have lived for 18 years with the condition that you had - you could have lived for a bit longer, if your heart would have allowed it. I just dislike that such a wonderful person like you had to go. Like I said before, even though I did not get the chance to meet you and know you, I miss you. I can actually feel some kind of loneliness.
I just want to let you know that you will never be forgotten. You will be forever loved by many. You and your family will be in my thoughts every day - for a better tomorrow <3 Thanks for being the amazing person that you still are today <3 Thanks for changing the world <3
You are an inspiration <3

Guys! Guys! Guys!

Omg! Omg! Omg!
So I got home from the Demi Lovato concert most likely over an hour ago and boy; let me tell you!
It was the most amazing flippin’ experience in the whole wide world! It was so mind blowing. I was so starstruck when I met her and took my picture with her(which I probably look like a potatoe and awkward in; especially next to her!).
I wasn’t nervous when I was waiting in line nor was I freaking out like the girls in front of me or behind me until … … I peaked around the cornor and saw her beautiful blonde hair. I instantly felt my heart racing and my hands started shaking. I started fangirling and saying, ‘omg, omg, omg you guys! I can’t calm down!’ Oh, btw; the security guard laughed at me too -.-
I walked up to her and was like, 'holy crab cakes. This chick is so fucking gorgeous!’ I seriously felt like she had taking my breath away as I was walking towards her and faced her to say hi. I’m such a fucking loser -.-
Her; 'hi, how are you?’ *smiles* Me; *smiles* 'hi! How are you? I’m fine!’ Her; *laughs* 'I’m fine’ *smiles, holds my side, turns, snap* Me; *awkward hug goodbye* 'Omg, thank you so much & I love you’ *walks away because they are trying to hurry us*
Like seriously; I was so starstruck that I didn’t even know what to do or what to say. But those few seconds that I had with her, that I was holding her, smiled with her, talked to her, awkwardly hugged her - no one can take those away from me and were so worth it! I will never trade that moment for anything in world. Okay, I would probably trade it for some more time with her! :D ^.^
You guys have no idea how amazing this whole day has been towards me. It has been the most wonderful and lovely 18th birthday/graduation present that my momma could have ever given me. I love her so much for going through all the trouble of making my dream come true. My momma is seriously the best.
I’ll be uploading photos from tonights concert in the morning (: For now, I am going to process what has seriously happened today and try to sleep.
Goodnight everyone and I hope you all have sweet dreams (: