Can we please talk about how beautiful is this human being…

I usually don’t consider myself a fan from something or someone

But tbh, she conquered my heart

I do not know if it was her talent, her humor, her personality, her great voice, her passion or her beautiful soul

All I know is, I support that beautiful human

and I’m proud of it…

Keep killing it girl, we got you

Let the music warm your body
Like the heat of a thousand fires
The heat of a thousand fires

The symbolism!!!!!

If this was wrote at least a year ago then it’s so Camren.

The connotations to the sun and moon are too much, she needs to be stopped.

Is this a nod back to the time when Camila and Lauren were practically inseparable? I hope so, not only would it be nice to here about this time from someone who was involved in everything, I bet there are also some incredible metaphors and writing and I bet I will cry.

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