I feel like there is something fishy. Camila left Fifth Harmony because she wanted to writer her own songs and express her own self and voice, right? However, Fifth Harmony is being given more freedom for 5H3. That means they have more control and the group represents their voices more.

Apart from the theory that this is a business strategy done by the record label to get more sales by selling 2 albums instead of one, there was a speculation that Camila didn’t continue her contract with Fifth Harmony, right? The thing is… if the contract states that Fifth Harmony will get more freedom and they get to write their own songs, why would Camila turn it down? I mean, she can write her own songs and write with the other girls for Fifth Harmony. Actually, this way her fanbase will get even wider.

There are some possibilities though why this happened, which I don’t know which one is true.

1. Camila doesn’t know about the contract

2. Camila can’t work well with the girls because she wants to explore more deeply in Pop, while the other girls want to explore more in R&B

3. The record label wanna make Fifth Harmony a R&B group, thus separating Camila from the group cause she’s more to Pop and gives Camila the permission to make her own album

4. Camila wants to make her own album which will represent her true voice

Maybe there are even more possibilities than I could think of. After all, speculations don’t stop unless the truth is revealed and everything makes sense. Most of the time, we think the truth is revealed, but everything becomes confusing cause what they say is not synchronized.

But, there are more to this that we never know what it is.


Can y'all believe Camila Cabello invented beauty

I have heard recently that Camila wrote Sensitive and that she also wrote Stitches. I tried to do a research to prove it, and there you go. This is the proof that Camila contributed for writing Stitches. However, I still can’t find the proof that she wrote Sensitive, because:

1) Sensitive is a leaked song. So, it’s hard to trace who the writers are and so on.

2) Camila is a “low-key” songwriter or more like a “behind-the-scene” songwriter. You can see her name is black color in this picture. The ones in blue (like “Mendes Shawn”) are the ones which we can search in the website. We can’t search the names with the black color. It’s like as if the names were not officially registered yet or…. I don’t know… it’s hard to trace the songs Camila has written. In addition, I’m not really good at research skills especially in music industry. But for now, this is what I got.

@singasong17 The picture I’ve promised before


Oh wow, she literally went out of the cave and cleared things up this time. She stood up for Camila.. And she also made it clear she doesn’t like Perez Hilton! Remember Perez was the one who leaked the Laucy kiss picture