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The Sisters G., Photo by Atelier Manassé, Wien, 1930s.

Eleanor and Karla Gutchrlein (born 1910) are twin sisters who danced and acted together in several 1930s films. They were sometimes billed as The Sisters G. The sisters were born in the Netherlands in 1910. They are famous for performing together, for having bobbed haircuts, and for their dancing and acting skills. They performed in several American films including the King of Jazz (1930), Recaptured Love (1930) and God’s Gift to Women (1931).


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– i recently published a guide that included a list of problematic white celebrities that are prominently featured in the rpc - along with possible alternates that can be used instead. this guide was created in order show the rpc that there are TONS of other faceclaims you could use instead of that abusive or racist celebrity. therefore, here we have the second part! under the cut you will find the same type of list with problematic non-white celebrities, as well as the reasons why you should not be using them. this list will also include options of the same/similar ethnicity, and other poc alternates. obviously there won’t be able to be a perfect match every single time, but i did the best that i could. if this is helpful, give it a like or a reblog!

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