karla draws

Let’s know about Karla!

Since I didn’t have space to write everything, here’s a little more information ;)

Karla started training when she was 7. Since then she already won a lot of competitions around her country. Her bedroom in the farm was full of medals, trophies and also with a lot of plush of horses, ponies and unicorns, and photos of her with Jupiter.


Fitzsimmons Secret Santa gift for the awesome fluffyfuzzball, who requested Fitzsimmons + hot chocolate and warm fires! Happy holidays, and a great new year to you! :D

BTW, this is set in the distant future, where FS are living together and being cute together :))

Hope you like it!

Sweet Elite 30 Days Challenge:

  • Day 6 -  Draw them on a date!

Karla doesn’t play video games that much… But she’s having fun!

Yes, it was…

Another sketch of Karla

I decided to imagine how the Department of Fashion would design the uniform for the Equestrian team of Arlington Academy.

I wanna know what the other Equestrian scholars think about this uniform :3


Butterfly Queens - Camila and Sofia Cabello Drawing - 4/5 Hours - I used Faber Castell Polychromos Coloured Pencils and Staedtler Mars Lumograph Pencils + White Gel Pen for Highlights  waakeme-up  - Full Drawing Video Here xxx «<