Weird Zoids dream

I had the weirdest dream today:

Karl Schwarz and his Panzerdivision was on a mission to capture/eliminate some evil dude (I think he had a name, but I can’t remember) and his bunch in some canyon.
But they were not using Zoids, but some sort of classic tanks and other military machines. 
Then the evil guy came down the crag Karl was shooting at (with some sort of guided missile, but they were comically huge) and drew a bow at him. A BOW. (Really that thing where you shoot arrows from)
Karl was going to shoot him with a gun, but there was some sort of jamming (or he was out of bullets, dunno), and he just engaged in hand-to-hand combat with him, because he was so close anyway…

And at a later point Karl was also fighting with Hiltz. (Also just hand-to-hand.)

Karl’s quite the brawler, as it seems… 
Probably Chuck Norris’ reincarnation or something…

(I think I’m suffering from some sort of Taekwon Do withdrawal, since I didn’t go this whole moth because of that accident I had…)