Some people think the Crucifixion only took place on Calvary. They better wise up! Taking Joey Doyle’s life to stop him from testifying is a crucifixion….And every time the Mob puts the pressure on a good man, tries to stop him from doing his duty as a citizen, it’s a crucifixion. And anybody who sits around and lets it happen, keeps silent about something he knows that happened, shares the guilt of it just as much as the Roman soldier who pierced the flesh of our Lord to see if he was dead. 

On the Waterfront (1954), directed by Elia Kazan.


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In the performance that would define his career, Marlon Brando plays Terry Malloy, a onetime prizefighter now resigned to backbreaking work as a longshoreman on docks ruled by a ruthless union boss (Lee J. Cobb) with mob ties.

Contributing to director Elia Kazan’s urban masterpiece are Karl Malden, who shines as a priest sympathetic to Malloy, and Eva Marie Saint, who earned a Supporting Actress Oscar for her indelible screen debut as the vulnerable sister of a fellow stevedore.

The film’s impact is intensified by Budd Schulberg’s Oscar-winning script, which features one of cinema’s most-loved speeches; Leonard Bernstein’s potent score, his only composed solely for film; and the Oscar-winning efforts of cinematographer Boris Kaufman and art director Richard Day.