I just got home from seeing A Streetcar Named Desire on the big screen!!!


There were moments when Brando was onscreen and I forgot to breathe, he was so intense.  Pretty much that entire dinner scene near the end.  Even though there were some people who thought that parts of it were funny.  Ummmm….sorry guys, but a man screaming at his wife and violently throwing his dishes at the wall isn’t particularly funny. 

The entire audience was just strange….they laughed at a bunch of random spots that made no sense to me.  Yes, there are a couple of lighthearted moments that make you smile or chuckle (like when Mitch tries to dance with Blanche after putting the lantern over the bulb), but last I checked, this wasn’t a comedy.

BUT, it was still amazing to see this amazing cast on the big screen.  I’m still annoyed that Brando didn’t win the Oscar for this movie.  In my opinion, there will never be a Stanley like him.  It’s one of those roles that is made so iconic by the actor, that all subsequent Stanley’s will always be compared to him.  And they could be wonderful actors, but Brando set the bar so high that it’s damn near impossible for anyone to clear it.

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And Vivien Leigh?  Wow.  Just…..wow.  She is so incredible as Blanche it’s difficult to take your eyes off her.  Made even more difficult when she shares the screen with Brando, because you can’t take your eyes off him, either.  But that scene where she tells Mitch how her young husband died is just….spellbinding.  And her final scenes where she goes deeper and deeper into madness just breaks your heart, especially knowing the struggles she had in her personal life.  Brava.

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