die ultimative "egal wie x du bist ..." liste
  • egal wie lahm du bist, der dalai ist lama.
  • egal wie high du bist, felix baumgartner war higher. 
  • egal wie laut du bach hörst, heiner hört lauterbach.
  • egal wie sehr du jungfrau bist, arielle war meerjungfrau. (via fristlos)
  • egal wie jung deine Freunde sind, Jesus’ Freunde waren Jünger (via swagtashabromanoff)
  • egal wie viele CDs du hast, Karl Benz hat Mercedes.
  •  Und *zeigt jemanden aus Albanien* Egal wie albern du bist, er ist Albaner. 
  • egal wie high du bist, mein Bett ist heia (via swagtashabromanoff )
  • egal wie gut du fährst, züge fahren güter! (via official-bielefeld )

The “Motorwagen”–Invented and patented by Karl Benz in 1886, it’s generally agreed to be the very first automobile with an internal combustion engine. From Wikipedia: 

The first Motorwagen used the Benz 954 cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine. This new engine produced 23 horsepower (0.50 kW) at 250 rpm in the Patent-Motorwagen, although later tests by the University of Mannheim showed it to be capable of .9 hp (0.67 kW) at 400 rpm

.9 horsepower–that’s not even one full horse! Can you even FATHOM that thing powering even a modern small car?

why are female drivers viewed with suspicion when the first car driver ever was this lady called Bertha Benz?

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[Side note: Her husband Karl Benz invented the automobile but wasn’t confident enough about it. His wife, who supported him, wanted to show him that his invention is really good. One day she woke up, literally stole her husband’s automobile and drove with her two kids to visit her mother. This woman was a baller because there were of course no gasolines or services on the way back then. Though she drove 106 km (66 miles)! She even invented brake lining.]