Star Trek Beyond 2016 

2h | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

A surprise attack in outer space forces the Enterprise to crash-land on a mysterious world. The assault came from Krall (Idris Elba), a lizard-like dictator who derives his energy by sucking the life out of his victims. Krall needs an ancient and valuable artifact that’s aboard the badly damaged starship. Left stranded in a rugged wilderness, Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachary Quinto) and the rest of the crew must now battle a deadly alien race while trying to find a way off their hostile planet


The USS Enterprise Lands at the White House

Photos by Cheriss May | Ndemay Media Group

Washington, D.C. — On Tuesday, July 19, in the auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, as part of the Joining Forces initiative, First Lady Michelle Obama hosted service members, veterans, and their families for a special advanced screening of “Star Trek Beyond” at the White House. 

Mrs. Obama delivered brief remarks and was joined by lead actors: Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, and Karl Urban. | ©2016 Photo by Cheriss May,


Star Trek Beyond: Bed, Bath & Beyond I EPIX

Watch as the stars of the new Star Trek Beyond movie interpret every day items for space!

What I love about Star Trek Beyond

No one took their clothes off for stupid, pointless reasons just to satisfy the male gaze

Women had a variety of uniforms - there was the pants/shirt option, a tunic/pants option and the dress options

Sleeves! With ranks

Way more diversity

No more lens flare

Kirk was a man, not a bro

Everyone had something to do. No one was sidelined

The actual plot was a bit thin but it served the greater idea of what Star Trek represents

No more conspiracy theories from Orci

Uhura wasn’t a whiny bitchy girlfriend who seems to have no idea about appropriate time and place. It’s not like she works for Starfleet or anything. (I loved her in this movie.) 




I can’t check if anyone else has posted this, but there are some really cute moments in this interview. (✿◠‿◠) Also, Chris telling Karl to be careful with his answer about him (just like he did with John in that other interview). Like really… what are you scared of people finding out about you, Chris? Huh? ;D


‘You’re Welcome, World’


Short and sweet movie review: Star Trek: Beyond

A great, fun & proper celebration of the original series

Finally! Star Trek Beyond premiered just yesterday & I rushed straight to the cinema. Been waiting for that movie so long and I must say it did live up to the expectations, I am a happy trekkie, it was so. much. fun. It was exactly what a Star Trek movie is supposed to be. They definitely resurrected after Into Darkness, which I personally like, it has its moments, but I also know it is flawed. This, I can tell you, is pure Star Trek. Without cringy moments and without Kirk hitting on everything that moves and breathes. And a v important info: I am OBSESSED with their new Starfleet jackets. I honestly don’t think it’s even healthy to be that obsessed, but I live for it. Omg.

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Saw Star Trek Beyond for the third time tonight and have to say…it gets better every time. There are a lot of good things in this movie, the Spock/Bones interactions, the hilarious open scene, Jaylah, the cool little references to TOS, but the thing I liked best was McCoy becoming a hot shot pilot. From an aviaphobic cadet to hot shot pilot…how cool is that. Not only does he pilot the ship…twice…but he’s there to save the Captain. The amount of screen time given to McCoy in this movie made me extremely pleased. Hopefully the writers for Star Trek 4 take note.