karl stigenius

Ninth Ski Day

Ninth ski day is over and it was a good one! Some fresh snow makes difference! We didn’t took to many runs but those we took was rather radical. We went down in two couloirs whereof one of them was untouched for the day. Next to the backcountry run “McConkeys” it was this really steep and tight colouir which none before us had done. Karl made a impressive run when he charged right through it - thumbs up!

Next up: Mission Christmas tree. Stay Tuned!

Summer Edit

Since I didn’t ski anything yesterday I found time doing this. I anyhow needed to learn how to handle Adobe Premiere PRO CS5 which I haven’t worked with before. This was pretty much the only material that I had in hand. Just some simple but also quite beautiful sequences from this summer. I look forward to put some ski edits together! Now we just have to tape something worth working with! Hopefully it continues to snow during the night so we get to pump some powder tomorrow! That could be something for Decembers episode! Good Night!