karl nova


check out the video for “Invincible Joy” by @KarlNova a single out now on all digital outlets right now! 


hahaha I am such a fan boy! so this weekend i have been watching episodes of “Hustle” I made a beat and now I put together this fan video. lol it was just a bit of fun nothing serious lol

Beat produced by me sampling the “hustle” theme song. This is the opening clip of “The prodigal return” Hustle series 5 EP.1


I think as a person born in London who lived a bit in Lagos as a kid but has lived out in the uk longer you get to a point where you have to take pride in the roots you have. I’m glad I somehow have that.

I took these pics when I found some traditional garms my mum and dad gave me that I hadn’t worn for ages. I only rocked the trousers though it was too hot to wear the whole thing that day lol

“Though I am faraway in London
I won’t forget when I was young
In the lagos streets the heat was on
Such a long way I have come”


I was in a freestyle cypher filmed recently by Uprise Music Tv. Check it out It was fun :)