karl kofoed


The origin of this pictograf is as much a mystery to the Federation as its gruesome subject matter. It was found by a researcher in the Tsailerol colonies section of the Federation Archives and has since become an object of intense controversy. The figures pictured are not Tsailerol, but the ‘altar’ may contain some precolonial Tsailerol inscriptions (a symbol for air and another for gift). The image does clearly depict the sacrifice of a creature (or creatures) by others of its own kind to a huge balloonlike beast.

The Tsailerol, like all other Federation members, regard sacrifice or its very practices as antilife. It is very important to them and to the Federation to have this pictograf identified. Readers of this publication are urged to supply any information they might have on the picture and its contents. All data supplied will be immediately forwarded to the Federation Group Research Organization, Earth. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

–From the stellar journals of Karl Kofoed, Galactic Geographic, Heavy Metal magazine July 1980