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Well done on your change to being a Daredevil blog. So first question. Mike Murdock. Whats all that about?

What it’s all about, friend, is that he’s as shy as he is glamorous.

Haven’t read it myself - @pluckyredhead‘s recap is probably what you have in mind if you’re looking for a play-by-play - but essentially when Matt’s outed as the guy in red to Karen and Foggy, he claims that he actually has a heretofore-unmentioned twin brother who’s REALLY Daredevil, and he maintains this batshit charade for 17 issues before faking Mike’s death, and ‘replacement’ in the next issue after that by an also-unmentioned apprentice. This timeframe actually included quite a number of identity-related hijinks, given he not only swapped bodies with Doctor Doom, and seriously contemplated whether to propose to Karen as Matt or Mike, but pretended to be Mike pretending to be Thor to capture some villains, full-on Silver Age Superman style. While above all else Mike serves as an object lesson in how Matt’s always been kind of a wreck (he can’t even manage to pretend to be sad about his brothers’ ‘death’; man, I sure hope Foggy and Karen read him the riot act for this whenever they found out), Karl Kessel got a great little story out of him in Daredevil 1.50 during Waid’s run with The Last Will and Testament of Mike Murdock, that like every other issue of that run I can unreservedly recommend. And I about busted a gut when he got a little shout-out on the Netflix show.

Daredevil (2014-) #1.50
(Karl & Kurt Kessel, Tom Palmer, Grace Allison)

So before I swing off into the sunset, toward whatever destiny has in store for me (which I’m hoping is an oceanfront condo on Pismo Beach) just remember...