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Civil War II: Ulysses #4 Review 

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The fourth installment from Al Ewing and Karl Kessel et al.’s digital, Infinity Comic detailing the young prescient Inhuman’s training under Karnak at the grim Tower of Wisdom.

Very little happens in this section of the story.  Ulysses has been locked away in his room and he labors to break out.  He finally is able to get out of the cell, only to run into the frightening Inhuman chef known as Tongue who sends him right back to his cell.

Karnak, meanwhile, travels to Seattle to investigate Ulysses’ prediction that there is going to be a terrible monorail crash that will cost hundreds of lives.  Although it turns out that Karnak has not come to prevent this tragedy, but rather to see whether or not the prediction will indeed come about.  

Once again, I think this comic will be worth picking up when it is printed in it’s entirety.  Brocken up and serialized, however, it’s rather unsatisfactory and the quasi-animation of the Infinity Comics format doesn’t do enough to make up for the lack of story in the individual installments.  

Not especially recommended.  One out of Five Lockjaws.