karl hexer


Flirting Methods!

This was a fun way of practicing each of the character’s personality.

Inspiration was from Merriauthor, when in originally was just a text post.

I realized that drawing each of them out at that specific occasion will be fun as well as capturing those moments even further.

Enjoy the blushy blushy goodness!

Skyward Character heights sheet!

From left to right: (click to see full character sheets!)

Xylvia Ikon, Samuel Franklin, Karl Hexer, “Angie”, Aaron Maplefield, and “Harper”

Also with a redesign for Harper!! (the one all the way to the right!)

(Planning to redesign Aaron and Harper’s full character sheets to make it fit more with the style.)

I wanted to show how much of a monster Karl is size wise. He’s huge.

And how petite Harper is. I feel like these are good heights for all of them.


Karl Hexer

A down-to-earth, calm and honest mechanic who has a weak left knee from an accident and has a knack for improvising a solution to mechanical problems.

He seems to look hostile when in fact he’s the opposite.

He is part of the workforce that’s constructing new flying buildings in Atmos, the city in the sky.

Things have been plain in his life, until he found a barely functional android in the scrap metal dump.