karl heinz rummenige

Let’s be honest, I don’t correspond well to this style of game that Guardiola wants to play at Bayern. After the first game against Real Madrid I definitely realized, no matter how he tried, with this type of football I can’t give the best of myself. It is best for all of us to part ways. Thanks to the club that has offered a contract extension, and thanks to Guardiola, who is a great coach and I wish everyone really well in the future. Bayern and its fans will always be the most beautiful and motivational story of my career. Now it’s time for new challenges.

I can say at May 8, together with my agent Cvjetković, I had a decent conversation and exchange of views with the leader of the club, Karl Heinz Rummenigge. On that occasion I told him that I decided to change the environment and that is fair to inform the board about it, so we are therefore all still be able to look each other in the eyes. He knows I’m not a fan of the constant media appearances and continuously to clarify what the media publishes. I think it’s okay that I frankly told the club’s board my view of things. Bayern’s team was fantastic, as it is a fantastic club. Indeed, until recently, I never thought to go, especially I never thought this could happen now.

—  Mario Manzukic