karl gebhardt

Ere they left him in his anguish,
O'er his treacherous brow, ungrateful,
Skadi hung a serpent hateful,
Venom drops for aye distilling,
Every nerve with torment filling;
Thus shall he in horror languish.
By him, still unwearied kneeling,
    Sigyn at his tortured side, -
Faithful wife! with beaker stealing
    Drops of venom as they fall, -
    Agonizing poison all!
Sleepless, changeless, ever dealing
    Comfort, will she still abide;
Only when the cup’s o'erflowing
    Must fresh pain and smarting cause,
Swift, to void, the beaker going,
    Shall she in her watching pause.
       Then doth Loki
       Loudly cry;
       Shrieks of terror,
       Groans of horror,
Breaking forth in thunder peals!
With his writhings scared Earth reels.
Trembling and quaking,
E'en high Heav'n shaking!
So wears he out his awful doom,
Until dread Ragnarok be come.