karl burns

Marquis Cha-Cha
The Fall
Marquis Cha-Cha

Well, it’s Burns Night here in Scotland. Which means that it’s Karl Burns Night here in Hippriestessland. Here’s one of KB’s finest moments.

There is some speculation that this track is in fact entirely the work of MES and Burns. Personally, I reckon that *has* to be Steve Hanley on bass (although Simon Rogers fooled a few of us on “Cruiser’s Creek”). Last year, Paul Hanley stated that, on the first day’s recording for “Room To Live”, neither Craig Scanlon nor Marc Riley were invited to the studio. Their replacement, Arthur Kadmon, was dismissed within a few minutes. I reckon this could be what MES, Burns and the Brothers Hanley got up to after he had gone.

The product of my fall from grace.

Characters L to R:

Major Hewlett (TURN), Karl Tanner (Game of Thrones), Hermann Gottlieb (Pacific Rim), Yuri Podorov (The Oxford Murders), Owen Harper (Torchwood)

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